AmpliVox Sound Systems

AmpliVox Sound Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of portable sound systems, lecterns, and multimedia workstations in the United States. Their goal is to provide top quality professional presentation equipment that sets up easily, delivers perfect performance, and stands the test of time for reliability and durability. Their products meet stringent UL standards and come with a six year warranty.

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AmpliVox SN3100 Sippling Seattle Java Lectern, Black Aluminum, Flat Front


AmpliVox SN3090 Jewel Mahogany Lectern, Black Anodized Aluminum, Flat Front


AmpliVox SN3145 Sippling Seattle Java Lectern, Black Aluminum, Curved Front


Amplivox S1972 Lectern and Podium Protective Cover


Amplivox S1930 Combo Carrying Case and Tripod Case


Amplivox S1090 Compact Adjustable Tripod Speaker Stand


AmpliVox S1780 40ft. Speaker Extension Cable


AmpliVox S1750 12ft 1/8-in Female to Male Condenser Mic Cable


AmpliVox S1720 25ft 1/4-in Female to Male Dynamic Mic Cable


Amplivox S1960 Universal Soft Carrying Case


AmpliVox S1950 Soft Carrying Case for S1090 Compact Tripod


Amplivox S1920 Tripod and Mic Stand Traveling Bag


Amplivox S1462 12V DC Adapter for Cigarette Lighter


Amplivox S1460 AC Power Supply and Battery Charger for S805A and SW805A


Amplivox S1320 Clock Timer with Large Electronic Display


Amplivox S1095 Wall Mount Speaker Brackets, Set of 2


Amplivox S1080 Heavy Duty Tripod Speaker Stand


AmpliVox SL1004 6-Station Stereo Headphone Jack Box w/ Volume Controls


AmpliVox S2080 Dynamic Handheld Mic, 5ft Coiled Cord


Amplivox S2050 Pencil Gooseneck Condenser Microphone


Amplivox S2031 Wired Handheld Microphone w/ 15ft. Cord


AmpliVox S2030A Professional Dynamic Cardioid Handheld Mic Kit


Amplivox S2030 Lapel Condenser Microphone


Amplivox S1073 Floor Microphone Tripod Stand