Optoma Technology, Inc.

As the world’s leading brand in 4K UHD and the #1 Brand in DLP projection technology in the Americas*, Optoma combines cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver remarkable visual display solutions designed to connect audiences with engaging video experiences. Optoma’s robust product portfolio provides display solutions for every vertical application and installation environment. From laser projectors, Creative Touch interactive flat panels and Direct View LED displays, Optoma can meet the demands of any professional environment whether it’s conference rooms, houses of worship, classrooms, digital signage, corporate boardrooms, home theater, healthcare, and government.

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Optoma X309ST 3700 lumens Short Throw XGA Projector


Optoma ZH403 4000-Lumen Full HD Laser DLP Projector


Optoma OCM815W Quick Adjusting Universal Projector Pole Mount (White)


Optoma HD146X 3600-Lumen Full HD DLP Home Theater Projector


Optoma ZU606TST-W WUXGA Professional Installation Short Throw Laser Projector


Optoma GT1080HDR 3800lm Full HD Short Throw Gaming Projector


Optoma Ceiling Mount for 4K500, ZU660 Projectors (Black, Supports Up To 70 Lbs)


Optoma X400LVe 4000 Lumens XGA Projector


Optoma W319ST 4000 lumens WXGA Projector


Optoma ZU750RFBA 7500lm WUXGA Large Venue Laser Projector


Optoma ZK507-W 4K UHD Professional Installation Laser Projector


Optoma ZH606-W 1080p Professional Installation Laser Projector


Optoma UHD50X Next-Level 1080p Gaming & 4K UHD Home Theater Projector


Optoma OWM3000ST Short Throw Wall Mount For Optoma Short Throw Projectors


Optoma IntelliGO-S1 500lm WXGA Portable LED Projector w/ Android, REFURBISHED


Optoma EH412ST 4000lm Full HD DLP Short Throw Projector


Optoma EH460ST 4200lm Full HD Short Throw Projector, Refurbished


Optoma HDCast-PRO HDCast Pro HDMI Wifi Dongle, Refurbished


Optoma GT5600 3600lm Full HD DLP Ultra-Short Throw Projector


Optoma BM-5001U Low Profile Universal Projector Ceiling Mount


Optoma BX-DL200 Manual Bayonet Style Standard Throw Lens


Optoma WUSB-PRO Network Adapter


Optoma ZW350 3500-Lumen WXGA Laser DLP Projector


Optoma ZU660 WUXGA 6000 Lumens Laser Projector