SP Controls

sp controls

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SP Controls AmpLINC AMP10 AmpLINC Amp10 Amplifier Puck


SP Controls PXE-6V-US 6V Power Supply for Pixie


SP Controls PX2-PUC-232/IR NRC Control Puck (1 RS232 and 1 IR)


SP Controls PXE-EMIT-HOOD-50 IR Emitter Hood


SP Controls SP-TP7-POE Power over Ethernet 5V Adapter/Splitter


SP Controls SLB-MINI-HDMI Mini Patch Module HDMI


SP Controls SLB-MINI-BLANK Mini Patch Module Blank


SP Controls SP3-AFVP+ Audio Follow Video Preamp Plus


SP Controls AmpLINC HUB-90W


SP Controls AmpLINC HUB


SP Controls PXE-DCM-KEY-SRCSYNC Pixie/Plus Source Sync Key


SP Controls PXE-DCM-KEY-SRCMUTE Pixie/Plus Source Blank Key


SP Controls PXE-DCM-KEY-SRCBLANK Pixie/Plus Source Blank Key


SP Controls PXE-DCM-KEY-FREEZE Pixie/Plus Source Freeze Key


SP Controls PXE-DCM-KEY-CHUPDN Pixie/Plus Channel Up/Down Key


SP Controls PXE-DCM+KEY-SRCCHUP PixiePlus Alternate 4 Source Key-Source, Mute, Channel Up/Down


SP Controls PXE-PGM-TOOL Programming Wand for PixiePlus


SP Controls PXE-MOTVOL-CTL-L PixiePlus Motorized Volume Control – Linear


SP Controls PXE-MOTVOL-CTL-A PixiePlus Motorized Volume Control – Audio


SP Controls PXE-EMIT-REL2 PixiePlus 2-Relay Output Emitter


SP Controls PXE-EMIT-232/IR PixiePlus RS232 and IR Emitter


SP Controls PXE-DCM-RTC PixiePlus Real Time Clock Module


SP Controls PXE-CONNECT 9Pin D-Sub Serial Connector Soldered to PixiePlus Emitter


SP Controls PXE-CONFIG PixiePlus Pre-Configuration Services