COVID-19, Doing Their Part With 3D Printing

An eight-year-old and her mother are teaming up to make a big difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lindsey Baker and her daughter, Delilah, wanted to do more during this tough time. Baker’s company works with 3D printer, and they decided they could use that in their Peoria home to fill the need.

It feels nice to be doing it,” said Baker.

While Delilah attends school at home and Baker works from home, the 3D printer nearby is constantly running. “The printers start at six in the morning, and then go until 10 at night,” said baker. Baker and her daughter are making face shield frames to donate to medical professional who need them.

We are printing the actual frames, and doctors are throwing those away on a daily basis, but the plastic that covers the face is what they are sanitizing, so they are going through frames quite quickly,” said Baker. It’s all made possible through Baker’s work at CCS Presentation Systems, and their manufacturer, MakerBot. Baker says it was important to include her daughter in the fight to help workers on the frontlines. “We just want to keep printing until there is not a need anymore,” said Baker.

The two will be dropping 200 of the frames at Honor Health on Friday.