Projection Lamps and Bulbs

We only sell lamps that perform to the projector manufacturers' original specification. We do not sell copy lamps, branded or otherwise, that lowers the projectors performance level and risks your health and safety.

Where available, we offer these lamp options

Original Manufacturers Lamp

As supplied by the original projector manufacturer, this lamp typically uses a bulb supplied to them by one of the major bulb manufacturers, Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki or Matsushita.

Diamond Lamps

Using the same bulb as supplied to the 'original manufacturer' above, a Diamond Lamp is a lower cost alternative that does not compromise quality. Complete with a new chassis, this lamp gives identical performance to the Original Manufacturers Lamp with an unprecedented 4 month warranty.

Refurbishment Service

For large installations it can be more economic to refurbish existing lamps with a new bulb as used in a Diamond Lamp. For quantities of 20 units or more, please contact us for a quotation.

Copy Lamps / Branded Lamps

We do not supply any kind of imitation lamp that uses a different bulb. Independent tests have shown that these units underperform versus the above options and often prove to be a false economy due to their poor build quality, poor lifetime and poor brightness. We do not want to compromise your reputation with your customer.

How to Extend Your Lamp Life

Never touch the bulb with your fingers, always use a cloth for handling.

Any glass components of a lamp should never be handled without gloves; deposits from fingerprints cause temperature ‘hot spots’. In the long term, the accompanying temperature gradient stresses the glass resulting in early failure.

Clean the air filters of the projector. Blocked filters make the lamp overheat and fail early. Manufacturers can test for this kind of failure and any warranty becomes invalid. Always ensure that there is good airflow around the projector.

If you are fitting a bulb into an existing module housing, ensure the terminals are not over tightened as the ceramic can be cracked and reduce the electronic insulation of the lamp. Alternatively, if they are under tightened, it can cause arcing on the terminal which puts undue load on the ballast that can then lead to a failure.