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Chief SpeedConnect Suspended Ceiling Tile Replacement Kit w/ Filter & Surge


Chief 1×2 ft Plenum Rated Storage Box & Column Drop w/ 2-Gang Filter & Surge


Chief CMA-106 Junction Box Assembly Ceiling Plate


Chief CMA-110 8 x 8in. Ceiling Plate with 1.5in. NPT Fitting


Chief CMA-151 1-1/2in. to 1in. NPT Adapter/Reducer


Chief CMA-152 1 1/2in. – 1 1/2in. NPT Coupler w/Cable Access Feature


Chief CMA-160 Projector Mount Installation Job Box


Chief CMA-165 Ceiling Projector Mount Junction Box Adapter


Chief CMA-170 CPU Enclosure Pipe-Mount Accessory (Black)


Chief CMA-170W CPU Enclosure Pipe-Mount Accessory (White)


Chief CMA-275 Quick-Snap Cable Cover Kit for Columns (3)


Chief CMA-330 8in. Offset Ceiling Plate for 1.5in. NPT Columns


Chief CMA-345 Structural Ceiling Plate with Rubber Flex Joint


Chief CMA-347 Projector Vibration Isolator


Chief CMA-351 Heavy-Duty Swivel Adapter with Stops


Chief CMA-360 I-Beam Adapter for 1.5in. NPT Pipe


Chief CMA-362 C-Clamp Pipe Mount for 1-1/2in. NPT Extension Column


Chief CMA-365 Truss Ceiling Adapter for NPT 1-1/2


Chief CMA-366 Architectural Spanning Adapter


Chief CMA-370 Unistrut Adapter Kit (Hardware Only)


Chief CMA-372 Offset Unistrut Adapter


Chief CMA-380 Concrete Fastener Kit (4-Pack)


Chief CMA-395 Angled Ceiling Adapter w/ Threaded Coupler


Chief CMA-395 Angled Ceiling Plate (White)