NEC Video Wall
Near bezel-less 55” UN Series of video wall panels now feature enhanced factory color calibration for easy setup and color uniformity

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial-grade digital signage displays and projectors, today announced the addition of near bezel-less 55″ panels to its UN Series line of displays designed to make the video wall setup process easier thanks to its intensive factory color calibration and proprietary SpectraView Engine that ensures best-in-class color control.

The new UN552S and UN552VS feature just 0.44mm inactive area surrounding an anti-glare, high-haze IPS panel designed for seamless multi-screen configurations, ideal for digital signage uses in retail, corporate, and broadcast environments. The UN552S and UN552VS video wall panels also feature a full line of commercial-grade features such as enhanced OSD color control, easy content distribution, and superior software capabilities.

“When it comes to video wall setup, making sure the color is just right is often the biggest pain point for customers,” said Ben Hardy, Senior Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions. “That’s why we’ve engineered the UN552 line of video wall panels to have the easiest setup process by putting them through an intensive factory calibration process that ensures color uniformity, reducing customer frustration while providing the ultimate flexibility in color adjustment.”

Each UN552S and VS display is calibrated at the factory for luminance, RGB, White Point, Uniformity and Gamma to ensure each panel matches out of the box. This means customers shouldn’t have to waste time worrying about initial color calibration of individual displays when installing video walls. It also means that each panel ships with the ideal settings for an accurate out-of-the-box experience.

In addition, self-calibration is possible by plugging in an external SpectraView sensor directly into the display – ideal for customers who need to change the color temperature or need to copy settings when setting up a new panel. The UN552S and VS panels also feature best-in-class color control via the On Screen Display (OSD), with luminance and color gamut controls, as well as Brightness Uniformity, Hue, Saturation and Offset. Finally, thanks to a constant feedback loop between the SpectraView Engine, the physical panel, internal sensors, and Look Up Table settings, the UN552S and VS is able to maintain a constant brightness for a longer amount of time – ideal for applications in retail, transportation, and corporate customers that have near 24/7 operation.


Source: necdisplay.com