Optoma Home Theater Projector

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]A perfect Saturday night usually consists of a good movie, a comfortable couch, great food, and great companions. The only thing that could make it an ideal Saturday is a high-quality home theater projector. Even if it isn’t a Saturday, having a home theater projector is like owning a theater, and never having to pay to watch a movie in it.

The Optoma Home Theater projector is the ultimate device to make all of the above a reality. Its display is LED, UHD and 3D. What’s more, the device is also Google home compliant.

Product Description

Image Quality

This 8-pound projector uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology with an LED light source. That means the projected images will be brilliant, clear and have good contrast. In addition to DLP technology, the Optoma Home Theater Projector also provides a full 3D display. Of course, 3D glasses will be required. Nonetheless, a 3D home theater projector allows users to enjoy movies in life-like imagery, in the comfort of their homes.

In addition to the above, the projector is also Ultra HD (UHD). That means it will portray every little detail contained in the picture in HD quality. Plus, the projector’s HDR imagery will ensure that the blacks remain black and not grey, which is the case with a lot of cheap home theater projectors.

Further, its PureColor technology allows this Optoma home theater projector to reproduce millions of shades. That will make sure that all images are natural and better saturated.

Finally, this device’s dynamic black technology further ensures the color contrasts are high. In other words, the bright scenes will appear bright and with realistic clarity while the darker scenes will show each shade of darkness vividly.


The Optoma Home Theater Projector is light and rather easy to install. It has a vertical lens shift, which means the projection will be clear no matter where the projector is placed. So the device can be placed in small and large rooms, and the image quality will not get distorted or affected by it.

Further, this projector has 1500 lumens which is just enough to cope with the medium lighting inside a house. So there won’t be a need to draw all the curtains and turn off all the lights every time something is being displayed.

Moreover, consumers don’t have to worry about the lens getting damaged without their knowledge. The Optoma Home Theater Projector comes with a protective lens cover. That means it is safe from dirt and dust and possible damage caused by insects.

Google Home Compatibility

When a device is Google home compatible, it means it is eco-friendly and extremely user-friendly. With just a smartphone application, consumers can turn the device on and off from anywhere. It can also be connected to all the other smart devices found in the house.

This particular projector supports Google Alexa Home, which has become one of the most revolutionary smart home devices. Therefore, users can switch the device on/off when necessary, adjust the volume level, play media via USB and alter the image mode to suit their needs.

The best part is all of the above can be simply through voice control.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]