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Atlona AT-HD530 HDMI/DVI to Composite and S-Video Down-Converter

The Atlona AT-HD530 is designed to down-convert HDMI or DVI digital signal from PC, Mac, GPS System, Camcorder or Video Game to Analog S-Video or Composite Video with Audio. The AT-HD530 is featured with HDMI/DVI loop-out.

Gefen TV Composite/S-Video to HDMI Scaler (1080p/1920×1200)


? Inputs S-Video or Composite Video at 480i or 576i resolutions
? Outputs HDMI video at resolutions of up to 1080p
? Input resolution is automatically detected while the output resolution and refresh rate can be selected via the on-screen display (OSD) menu system and front panel push-buttons
? 48MB frame buffer for frame rate conversion
? Scales Composite Video and S-Video to HDMI with embedded audio
? Supports video output resolutions for computer equipment at up to 1920x1200

HRT SC-1080D HD Analog and DVI/HDMI Scaler

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HRT SC-1080D HD Analog and DVI/HDMI Scaler Converts PC RGB, HD Component, and DVI Signals to DVI and Analog Outputs at Specified Resolutions