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Panasonic AW-360B10GJ 360-Degree Live Camera Base Unit

Real-time live stitching base station for 360 Camera System. Works in conjunction with AW-360C10GJ Camera Head. Required Accessories: AG-C20003G or AG-C20020G Cable, AW-CAH103G locking HDMI cable kit, and AW-PS551P.

Panasonic AW-360C10GJ 360-Degree Live Camera Head

4-Camera 360 Camera Head with Fish-eye Lens. To be used with AW-360B10GJ real-time live stitching base station.

Panasonic AW-CAH103G HDMI Cable Bundle for 360 Camera

4x Locking HDMI Cable Kit specifically designed for AW-360C10GJ and AW-360B10GJ 360 Camera System.