With a wide selection of alternate lenses, Optoma guarantees that their projector line will be compatible in venues of all sizes and configurations. From short-throw lenses for tighter spaces to ultra long-throw lenses for use in rooms requiring the projector to be located far from the screen, there is sure to be a correct lens for every application that will provide a clear image to fill the screen.

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Optoma BX-CTA27 Motorized Ultra Long Throw Lens for UB Series WUXGA Projector


Optoma BX-CTA19 Short Throw Lens For WU1500 Projector


Optoma BX-CTA11 Motorized Short Throw Lens for UB Series WUXGA Projector


Optoma BX-CTA17 Short Throw Projection Lens


Optoma BX-CAA06 Motorized Standard Throw Zoom Lens 1.22-1.53:1


Optoma BX-CTADOME Dome Projection Lens


Optoma BX-CTA26 Optoma Motorized Standard Lens for ZK Series


Optoma BX-CTA25 Motorized Short Throw Zoom Lens


Optoma BX-CTA23 Motorized Bayonet Style Extra-Long Throw Lens


Optoma BX-CTA22 Motorized Bayonet Style Long Throw Lens


Optoma BX-CTA21 Motorized Bayonet Style Standard Throw Lens


Optoma BX-CTA20 Motorized Bayonet Style Semi-Short Throw Lens


Optoma BX-CTA18 Motorized Bayonet Style Short Throw Lens


Optoma BX-CTA16 Ultra Short Throw Ceiling Projection Lens


Optoma BX-CTA15 Motorized Short Throw Lens


Optoma BX-CTA13 Motorized Extra Long Throw Zoom Lens


Optoma BX-CAA03 Motorized Long Throw Zoom Projector Lens


Optoma BX-CAA01 Motorized Short Throw Zoom Projector Lens


Optoma BX-CAA02 Motorized Standard Throw Zoom Projector Lens