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AAXA 4K1 1500lm 4K LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

AAXA Technologies is excited to announce the release of the AAXA 4K1 LED Projector, a true native 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution mini projector. The 4K1 delivers cinema level resolution by employing the latest Texas Instruments DLP technologies featuring a native 4K digital imager mated to ultra-long-life Osram quad-cast LEDs. With its powerful 1500 Lumen optical engine, the 4K1 can deliver a vibrant 200" image in crystal clear Ultra-HD.

AAXA LED Pico 25lm 720p Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

Be ready for a presentation or movie no matter where you are with the AAXA LED Pico, a low-cost 25 Lumen Pico Projector with best-in-class resolution. Designed as a gadget for todays discerning mobile technology user, the AAXA LED Pico features a lofty 1280x720 native resolution made possible through LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology and mated to a 15,000 hour LED light source.

AAXA M5 900lm WXGA LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

The AAXA M5 is the worlds brightest battery powered projector and the worlds brightest mobile projector by cubic volume. Producing 900 LED Lumens in "Bright" mode and 500 Lumens in battery mode, the M5 can project up to a 70? screen size in moderately lit rooms and more than a 10 foot screen size in rooms with controlled lighting. Measuring just 6" x 6" x 1.8" and weighing in at a 1.95lbs, this projector is a true micro projector that fits easily in a briefcase, purse, or laptop bag.

AAXA M6 1200lm Full HD LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

The AAXA M6 LED Micro Projector is a next-generation solid-state mini projector that delivers native 1080P (1920x1080) performance and operates on both battery and DC power. This small-form-factor high resolution projector features DLPs (Digital Light Processing) imager mated to true cinema-color 30,000 Hour LEDS. The M6 produces a brilliant 1200 LED Lumen picture at a true native 1920x1080 pixel resolution.

AAXA P2-A 130lm WVGA LED Pico Projector w/ Android

THe P2-A is the best-value wireless pico projector with Android on the market. There are no tradeoffs and no compormise - simply value. Featuring best in class resolution, the P2-A offers a host of other features including onboard media player, HDMI and Composite Video input, and 150 minute battery life.

AAXA P2-B 130lm WVGA LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

The P2-B is a variant of the popular P2-A Pico Projector. There are no trade-offs and no compromise - simply value. The P2-B offers a host of features including an on-board media player, HDMI and Composite Video Inputs, USB and SD Card host readers and a 150 minute battery life with a 20,000 hour LED light-source.

AAXA P300 500lm WXGA LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

AAXA Technologies is excited to announce the release of our P300 Pico projector ? the world?s brightest battery-powered HD pocket projector. The new P300 features a revolutionary new compact optical engine capable of delivering 500 peak lumens at a high-definition (HD) resolution of 1280x800. Powered by Texas Instruments? DLP Technology the AAXA P300 employs Vibrant Color LED technology that delivers dazzling color quality with an operating life of more than 15,000 hours and is capable of generating a viewing experience of up to 120?

AAXA P300 Neo 420lm 720p LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

Incorporating the latest in LED technology along with a 1280x720 imager, the P300 Neo produces a vivid high definition picture anytime, anywhere. Powered by a 30,000 hour LED light source and a 150 minute lithium ion battery, the P300 Neo can deliver up to 120" images in dark areas with 420 lumens and offers best-in-class resolution for both its size and price.

AAXA P300 Neo Smart 400lm 720p LED Pico Projector w/ Android

With a 30,000 hour LED light source, the P300 Neo-S can deliver up to 120" images in dark areas and offers truly pocketable high-powered streaming video projection. Combined with its powerful 720p (1280x720) 400 LED Lumen optical engine the P300 Neo-S is capable of providing seamless streaming content from a variety of popular apps. Its built-in lithium ion battery allows users to wirelessly stream for 90 minutes anytime, anywhere.

AAXA P6 600lm WXGA LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

The P6 is an all-in-one media system with onboard media player, a lithium ion battery, and a powerful 2-watt speaker. An additional array of inputs includes VGA, Digital Video (HDMI compatible), and Composite Video.

AAXA P7 600lm Full HD LED Pico Projector w/ Onboard Media Player

AAXA Technologies introduces the P7 Mini HD Projector, incorporating a compact 4th generation Texas Instruments DLP imager featuring a native resolution of 1920 x 1080P or ?Full HD?. Mated to premium Luminus 30,000 hour LEDs, the P7 produces a bright 600 Lumens and is capable of delivering a 120? projected image anytime, anywhere.

AAXA S1 400lm 720p Portable LED Projector for Nintendo Switch

AAXA Technologies introduces the S1 Mini Projector Dock - a mini projector dock that transforms the Nintendo Switch from a 6" single-player screen to an enormous 100" multi-player screen that is portable - allowing gamers to game anytime anywhere.