Anchor PRO-570 PortaCom 7-User ProLink Dual-Ear Wireless Beltpack Intercom

The ProLink 500 Wireless Intercom Package (PRO-570) is for 7 users, and comes with a portable, digital, wireless intercom system.


Anchor PRO-570 PortaCom 7-User ProLink Dual-Ear Wireless Beltpack Intercom

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Product Description

The PRO-570 7-User ProLink Dual-Ear Wireless Beltpack Intercom System from PortaCom is a complete 7-user wireless intercom system. It includes a pair of master beltpacks, 5 remote beltpacks, and 7 dual-ear headsets. Each beltpack features a compact and portable design and offers full-duplex communication without the need for a base station. In addition to the included beltpacks, the system supports an unlimited number of listen-only beltpacks for clear communication at distances up to 500` away. Each master beltpack has an LED indicator that flashes red when it is transmitting to a remote beltpack. In this system, 2 remotes will always be on “Channel A” with 1 master, while another 2 remotes will be on “Channel B” with the other master. The final remote can switch between channels A and B.

Each beltpack has an A/B channel selector, a power/volume knob, and a mic gain control to precisely adjust the operation to meet your needs. A push-to-talk button lets you communicate at will, while the “always on” slide switch lets you talk freely without using the PTT button. The beltpack has a 4-pin XLR headset connector for use with the included headsets, or any headset with a dynamic microphone. It also has Bluetooth technology, which allows you to use a Bluetooth wireless headset up to 10` away from the beltpack. Each beltpack operates on a set of 3 AA rechargeable batteries and has a charging port for quick charging with the included gang charger.

Each of the included headsets has an adjustable headband and thick around-ear cushions for lasting comfort. The ear cushions and closed-back earcups also help to block out environmental noise. The dynamic noise-canceling microphone sits at the end of a flexible gooseneck for precise positioning and optimal vocal pickup. The single-sided cable helps to minimize tangles. This system is perfect to use for the theater, local television studio, in a church setting, or during training exercises.