Ashly TRA-4150 Rackmount 4-Channel Power Amplifier with Transformer

Convection-Cool Power Amplifier w/ Xfmr Iso 4 x 150W @ 4/8 Ohm, 25V, 70V, 40W @ 8 Ohm


Ashly TRA-4150 Rackmount 4-Channel Power Amplifier with Transformer

Weight 35.05 lbs
Dimensions 24.3 × 17.5 × 5.3 in
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Product Description

The Ashly TRA-4150 is a 4-channel convection-cooled rackmount P.A. or installation power amplifier housed in a rugged 2-RU metal chassis, offering an output of 80 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms and designed to drive 4- and 8-Ohm loads and transformer-coupled 70V and 100V lines simultaneously. The coupling transformers are internally mounted.

The TRA-4150 incorporates a switch-mode-power supply and Class-D amplifier circuitry, providing a power-efficient solution. The low-noise unit features a switchable high-pass filter and selectable gain sensitivity, turn-on delay DIP switches with up to 8 seconds of delay available, and rear-mounted set-and-forget gain controls.

The TRA-4150 is equipped with an internally switchable 120/240V power supply and extensive protection circuitry, along with standard Euroblock inputs and screw terminal outputs.

2-RU rackmount 4-channel power amplifier with 80 Watts per channel power output at 8 Ohms and built-in 60W/70V transformer
Designed to simultaneously drive 4- or 8-Ohm loads and 70/100V transformer-coupled lines
2-stage high-efficiency switched-mode power supply with high power-to-weight ratio
Ultra-quiet convection-cooled operation
On-board 80 Hz HPF, selectable gain sensitivity
Up to 8 seconds of turn-on delay with selectable dip switch complement
Comprehensive amplifier protection circuitry includes: output over-current, DC output, main supply rail over-voltage, chassis temperature, inrush limiting, and mains fuse
Front-panel indicators include: overall power, standby, and protect—along with per-channel clip and signal indicators
Euroblock input connectors, screw terminal outputs