Epson V13H134A39 Replacement Air Filter

EPSON Replacement Air Filter for Home Cinema 3000/3100/3500/3600e/3700/3900/5010/5010e/5020UB/5020UBe/5025UB/5040UB/5040UBe/Pro Cinema 4040/6010/6020UB/6040UB Series


Epson V13H134A39 Replacement Air Filter

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Product Description

This is an Epson V13H134A39 Replacement Air Filter. A clean air filter positively affects the life span of the lamp as well as protecting the internal working parts of the projector against debris, dust and other contaminants.

This air filter is compatible with the Epson Home Cinema 5010, 5010e, and Pro Cinema 6010 3D projectors.