Gator Bass Drum Protechtor Case; Elite Air Series (22 x 16″, Black)

Bass Drum Case; Elite Air Series; 22″ Wide 16″ Deep


Gator Bass Drum Protechtor Case; Elite Air Series (22 x 16″, Black)

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Product Description

The Gator 22 x 16″ Bass Drum Protechtor Case; Elite Air Series is a hard, polyethylene case that is designed to securely guard your expensive Base drum during transport or storage. This unique case features 6 strips of foam on the top and bottom that protect your drum when stored. The Elite is constructed in such a way that the drum never touches sides of the case when inserted. It is cushioned by nothing more than air. Hence, the name “Air Case”.

Another “wow” factor of this case is that it will hold a Bass drum with a suspended bracket. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to purchase a larger case to accommodate the added dimensions of the bracket – a real money-saver. The removable lid of the Elite is secured by a wide and very strong latch strap that has rapid release snap-clips.

For any musician, protecting your instrument is critical – and if you’ve ever played in a band, you know that roadies and car trunks can be rough on gear. Loading and unloading under various climatic conditions puts your gear through stress – rain, wind and snow. However, when it’s time to play, you want to know that your gear has made it to the gig in one piece and is ready to go. Gator Elite Air Drum Cases are made with the needs of the musician in mind.

Drum is held in place by shaped foam strips – drum does not touch side of case
Drum is surrounded by a cushion of air on the sides
Cushioned handle with metal mounting hardware
Wide latch strap with quick snap-clips for secure closure
Accommodates most suspended mounting brackets without having to buy a larger case