Gator Frameworks Elite Series Studio Monitor Floor Stand (Pair, Natural Maple)

Pair of Frameworks Elite Series Floor-Standing Studio Monitor Speaker Stands in Natural Maple Matte Finish


Gator Frameworks Elite Series Studio Monitor Floor Stand (Pair, Natural Maple)

Weight 2 lbs

Product Description

Audio engineers and music aficionados in search of a high-quality speaker stand will be thrilled with the Gator Frameworks Elite Series Studio Monitor Floor Stands, a pair of natural maple stands that elegantly displays speakers for a variety of applications including studio monitor, bookshelf, and stereo speakers, or home entertainment, theater, wireless, or turntable / record-player speakers. The stands are at home in recording studios, living rooms, showroom floors, or similar environments.

Each stand is constructed from sturdy 1″ plywood and features a sturdy 13.5″ base that safely supports up to 75 lb. The 36.5″ fixed height brings the monitors to ear level for improved listening during mixing and playback. The speaker platform includes a 5mm thick foam isolation pad that measures 10 x 12″ and helps decouple the monitor from the stand, preventing acoustic ringing and feedback. A recessed cable channel on the speaker platform and routed cutout on the central column helps hide cabling for a clean and professional look.

Material of Construction Plywood: 1″ / 25 mm
Isolation Foam Pad: 0.2″ / 5 mm
Weight Supported 75 lb / 34 kg
Dimensions Stand: 15 x 13.5 x 36.5″ / 38.1 x 34.3 x 92.7 cm
Isolation Pad: 12 x 10″ / 30.5 x 25.4 cm
Weight 20.5 lb / 9.3 kg