Hamilton XDG-LG50 HygenX Disposable Gloves Packs – 800 Pairs

Disposable one-time use gloves. 50 packs, each package contains16 pair of individually packaged gloves. Total pair = 800


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Hamilton XDG-LG50 HygenX Disposable Gloves Packs – 800 Pairs

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Product Description

The trusted HamiltonBuhl® HygenX™ brand now offers single-use disposable gloves in a handy pack of 50 pieces (16 pairs each, individually-wrapped) – ready to protect your hands from germs and bacteria wherever you go. XDG-LG50 has a total of 800 pairs.

Handy • Disposable • Latex-Free, Made Of Polyethylene FDA Food Grade Quality

Take this pack of gloves wherever you go! In today’s environments, stay better protected from germs and dirt when traveling and shopping – touching elevator buttons, touchscreens, doorknobs and handrails, shared objects, and when using public transportation, libraries, schools, office and home.  Keep this handy pack in your car, at work, in your pocket, schoolbag or handbag, and have peace of mind that you have an ideal barrier against germs and bacteria that may be present.

Rely on the HygenX™ brand to keep you safer and better protected with the entire product line.

  • Homes, Offices, Schools and Libraries
  • Doorknobs and Handles
  • Elevators
  • Handrails
  • Restrooms
  • Touchscreens
  • Public Transportation
  • Supermarkets

Disposable Gloves Specifications

  • Glove Size: 10.2” x 5.9”
  • 50 packs of 16 pairs each