Kramer 123VXL 1:3 Composite Video Differential Line Amplifier

The Comprehensive 123VXL is a 1×3 Differential Video Line Amplifier; this device accepts a composite video signal on a BNC connector and outputs three identical composite signals for distribution. This unit features a high bandwidth with gain and EQ compensation adjustments.


Kramer 123VXL 1:3 Composite Video Differential Line Amplifier

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Product Description

The Kramer 123Vxl is a high performance differential video line amplifier designed for production and broadcast studios, retail stores, professional display systems, and other demanding applications. It is an upgrade of the 123V, offering a much larger bandwidth (425MHz vs. 55MHz previously). The 123Vxl splits a single input source into three identical outputs while almost completely isolating the input from the outputs. The 123Vxl uses special differential amplifying circuitry, eliminating noise and hum problems commonly found in long video lines. Recessed gain and equalization controls allow the user to compensate for signal loss inherent in long cable runs. A 12V power supply is included but the optional VA-50P can power up to six Kramer devices requiring 12VDC. The 123Vxl is part of the Kramer TOOLS family of compact, high quality, and cost effective solutions for a variety of applications.