LG LCLH001 2K Controller for LBS Series LEDs

2K controller


LG LCLH001 2K Controller for LBS Series LEDs

Weight 10 lbs
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Product Description

Key Features
  • System Controller for LBS Signage
  • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Outputs
  • For Outdoor LED Usage

Control LBS series outdoor LED signage display systems with this LCLH001 2K Controller from LG. It can be controlled via USB and it can output to the LED display using RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet outputs. This controller is compatible with the LBS060DA1D, LBS060DA3D, LBS080DA1D, LBS080DA3D, LBS100DA1D, LBS100DA3D, LBS120DA1D, LBS120DA3D, LBS160DA1D, LBS160DA3D, LBF160DA1D, LBB160DA1D2, LBS062DA1-V, LBS062DA3-V, LBS083DA1-V, LBS083DA3-V, LBS100DA1-V, and LBS100DA3-V signage display models.


LG LAE029DD3DE, LAE029DD3E, LAE029DD4DE, LAE029DD4E, LAE039DD3D, LAE039DD3, LAE039DD4D, LAE039DD4, LAE026DD3-Q, LAE026DD4-Q, LAE039DD3-Q, LAE039DD4-Q, LAC025DD3, LAC025DD4, LAC029DD3, LAC029DD4, LAC039DD3, LAC039DD4, LBE040DD4, LBE080DD3, LBE080DD4, LBE100DD3, LBE100DD4, LBE039DD3D, LBE039DD3, LBE039DD4D, LBE039DD4, LBE046DD3D, LBE046DD3, LBE046DD4D, LBE046DD4, LBE069DD3D, LBE069DD3, LBE069DD4D, LBE069DD4, LBH106VD3-B, and LBH160VD3DB