Optoma BX-CTA16 Ultra Short Throw Ceiling Projection Lens

Ultra-Short. Throw Lens .36:1 throw ratio. Three year warranty or the same warranty period as the original projector, whichever is sooner, for removable, interchangeable Projector lenses.


Optoma BX-CTA16 Ultra Short Throw Ceiling Projection Lens

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Product Description

The BX-A16 is the ultimate ultra-short throw lens for Optoma ProAV projectors, such as the ZU650+, ZU850, ZU660 and ZU1050.

It’s throw ratio of 0.36 is perfect for professional installations that require high brightness in space constrained environments.

Compatibility: ZU650+, ZU660, ZU850 and ZU1050

Focal Length: 9.49 – 9.55

Aperture: F/2.4

Throw Ratio: 0.36

Zoom Focus Adjustment: Motorized

Field of View: 180-degrees

Distortion: +/- 5%


Throw Ratio: 0.36
Zoom Type: Motorized


Dimensions: 21” x 18.5” x 15.25”
Weight: 5.5 lbs


Standard Accessories: UST lens boresight module, boresight extender, L-shape tool, lens mount bracket, bracket, stand(attached on supporter), supporter, screws
UPC: 796435 07 132 5
Warranty Info: 3-year warranty