Optoma ZU1700 Ultra Bright Professional 17000 lumens WUXGA Laser Projector

WUXGA, 17,000 Lumens, Laser Light Source,Variable depending up lens Throw Ratio, 110.3 lbs 2 x HDMI-in (2.0b HDCP2.2), 1 x DisplayPort (1.2a), 1 x DVI-D, 1 x VGA-in, 1 x HDBaseT, 2 x 3D SYNC (in+out), 2 x 3G-SDI (in+out), 1 x HDMI-out, 1 x USB Type A (for Wi-Fi adapter),1 x RJ45, 2 x RS232 (in+out), 1 x 12V Trigger, 2 x Wired Remote (in+out),3 Year parts and labor limited warranty on the projector with first year express advance replacement, 5-year or 12,000 hour light source warranty (whichever comes first)


Optoma ZU1700 Ultra Bright Professional 17000 lumens WUXGA Laser Projector

Product Description

Ultra bright professional WUXGA laser projector
The high brightness ZU1700 professional laser projector fills a need for high-end installations, including the entertainment, exhibition, and digital signage markets. Part of Optoma’s Ultra Bright Series, this projector offers incredibly high brightness of 17,000 lumens as well as extreme flexibility with eight interchangeable lenses to meet the needs of even the most complex installations.

As part of the Optoma DuraCore laser line up, the Ultra Bright Series high-performance projectors feature 4K HDR compatibility, pure engine video processing and color matching to produce visually striking, lifelike images with exceptional detail and high color accuracy.

Strong reliability is at the core of the Ultra Bright Series projectors, with 24/7 operation capabilities, up to 30,000 hours of laser lifetime, and an IP5X rating for optimal and dependable performance, even under more extreme conditions up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit / 50 degrees Celsius. With a robust metal chassis and modular design for easier maintenance, a multitude of connectivity options, and failsafe redundancy mode for instant source switching, the Ultra Bright Series projectors offer a solution for intricate installations, including multi-projector and dome projection applications.

High brightness WUXGA DLP laser projector
17,000 lumens
Extreme installation flexibility
Eight interchangeable lenses
Ultimate reliability
Built-in redundancy mode
Striking lifelike images
Pure engine video processing and color matching

Industry leading lifetime is achieved using Optoma’s DuraCore technology. Implementing advanced laser diode cooling techniques and an innovative dust resistant design.

Redundant input with fast switching
The unique signal input detection function provides instant source switching in the event of the failure of the signal source device. This feature ensures an image never fails to display in mission critical installations such as control rooms, live events or other similar scenarios.

Passive 3D compatibility
Passive 3D is now available on single chip DLP laser Phosphor projectors. Thanks to the high efficiency light output, these models enable effective 3D solutions for operators to reduce total cost of ownership

Integrated warping and edge blending processor
Integrated warping and edge blending processor enables multiple projectors to be warped and blended without additional dedicated hardware, reducing the cost & complexity of installation. Warping and edge blending is configured using either the projectors on screen display or with PC software depending on model.

*Compatible multi output graphics card with overlap function is required.

Auto Color Uniformity
Providing a quick, hassle free and more convenient setup; you can enjoy accurate color uniformity in a matter of seconds with the super-fast camera based auto color uniformity feature.

*The auto color uniformity feature is compatible with image sizes up to 300″

Auto focus (AF)
Providing a quick, hassle free and more convenient setup; you can enjoy a crystal clear image in a matter of seconds with the super-fast camera based auto focus.

*Auto focus is compatible with image sizes up to 300″

HDR compatible
Capable of receiving and displaying HDR meta data, Optoma HDR compatible projectors allow you to see far more detail and texture. Objects look more solid and life like and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth. It’s like looking through a window.

Uncompromising, uncompressed Full HD video, audio, network and control commands all delivered on a single CAT- type cable capable up to 100 meters/328 feet without signal loss makes installation hassle-free. HDBaseT™ simplifies cabling requirements and reduces installation complexity saving both time and reducing costs.

Metal chassis with modular design
Modular metal chassis panels and quick release screws make routine maintenance easier than ever.

Amazing color
Optoma projectors provide reliable color performance suitable for any content and environment. From accurate sRGB colors for lifelike images to vibrant punchy presentations. We have a display mode to specific meet your needs. Perfect for a range of graphic and video presentations.

Color Management System (CMS)
Display accurate lifelike colors to best match your viewing environment. This unique feature provides you with the flexibility to fine-tune the color settings for optimal precision.

Brightness matching
A valuable feature of any professional installation incorporating more than one projector. Multiple units of the same model and similar lamp usage can be fine-tuned to give the same brightness levels; important, especially when side by side.

Constant power
Allows users to set the power levels to meet individual installation requirements. Power levels can be managed to obtain the brightest picture or longest light source life – or anywhere inbetween

Constant brightness
Advanced light sensing technology allows the setting of brightness levels that will remain unchanged over time. Ideal for ensuruing constant brightness for fine tune installations

True AV mute
True AV mute enables the light source of the projector to be instantly switched off and on at the press of a button. Unlike standard AV mute functionality no light is emitted from the projector, this gives 100% blackout on screen.

Extreme Black
Extreme black enables the laser diodes to completly turn off when a full black image frame is detected. This feature is perfect for situations where a total image blackout is required.

Full lens shift
Simplify installation with full lens shift, which provides a wider range of projector placement possibilities. This makes it easier to position the projector in your room and enables a wider range of screen size options.

Picture by picture
Signals can be delivered simultaneously via the HDMI and DVI ports, for a PbP or PiP display from two digital sources – perfect for video-conferencing and other collaborative applications.

360 projection*
Images can be projected over a 360° range* along the projector’s horizontal axis.

*For more information please refer to the user manual

Portrait projection
Ideal for digital signage applications you can rotate your projector 90 degrees to project a portrait image.

Wide temperature operating range
Suitable for various operating environments. Robust and efficient cooling design allow the projector the ability to withstand an ambient operating temperature range of 0~50°C

IP5X Dust resistant optical engine
Independently tested and certified to IEC standard 60529 with an IP5X dust resistance rating. Outstanding dust resistance combined with exceptional brightness ensures industry leading durability; ideal for 24/7 maintenance free operation in challenging environments.

Full 3D
Optoma projectors can display true 3D content from almost any 3D source, including 3D compatible graphics cards, 3D broadcasting and the latest generation 3d media servers.

Featuring a wide range of options you can control and monitor the projector remotely.

• RS232 Optoma projector’s come with an extensive set of RS232 commands making it simple and easy to manage using any control system.

• AMX compatible Dynamic discovery protocol is incorporated into the projector allowing for easy installation with AMX control systems.

• Crestron RoomView Using the compatible RoomView® software you can power on/off, monitor, manage and control up to 250 projectors at the same time from any computer

• Extron IPLink compatible Allows for easy installation with Extron control systems

PJLink protocol is incorporated into the projector allowing for easy installation with PJLink compatible control systems.

This model is able to receive comands via telenet allowing for easy installation with Telnet compatible control systems.

Flying/Stacking frames available from Rigtec
Flying/Stacking frames and various accessories are available for this model from Rigtec www.rigtec.com

Display technology
WUXGA (1920×1200)
17,000 lumens
ANSI brightness
Contrast ratio
Native aspect ratio
Aspect ratio – compatible
Screen size
Dependent on lens
Light source type
DuraCore Laser
LASER life
30,000 hours
Throw ratio
Dependent on lens
Projection distance
Dependent on lens
Lens options
BX-CTA11, 0.65~0.75:1
BX-CTA18, 0.84~1.02:1
BX-CTA19, 1.02~1.36:1
BX-CTA20, 1.2~1.5:1
BX-CTA21, 1.5~2.0:1
BX-CTA22, 2.0~4.0:1
BX-CTA23, 4.0~7.2:1
BX-CTA27, 7.2~10.8:1
Inputs 1 x RS232, 1 x 3D sync, 1 x Wired remote, 1 x HDBaseT, 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x DVI-D, 1 x 3G-SDI
Outputs 1 x RS232, 1 x 3D sync, 1 x Wired remote, 1 x HDMI, 1 x 3G-SDI
Control 1 x RJ45, 1 x USB-A service, 1 x 12V trigger
Noise level (typical)
Noise level (max)
Full 3D
IP rating
OSD / display languages
12 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
24/7 operation
360° operation
Operating conditions
Operating: 10~85%RH, non-condensing. Storage: 5~90%RH, non-condensing
Remote control
Backlit ProAV remote
LAN – display
LAN – wireless networking
Power supply
AC 100–240 V @ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (standby)
Power consumption (min)
Power consumption (max)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
25.59″ x 26.85″ x 11.84″
Gross weight
137.79 lbs
Net weight
110.23 lbs