The Chief RPA-U Projector Ceiling Mount Provides Exceptional Viewing

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Chief RPA-U Universal Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount

Designed with the new SLBU Universal Bracket, this Universal Projector Mount is a must have for anyone using or planning to get an inverted projector for home, schools, or office use. It’s a 2nd generation Interface technology that comes with advanced security, as well as unlimited projector access.

Ease of use:

It features independent pitch, roll, and yaw which allow for fast and accurate projector registration of images. It’s easy to use thanks to the quick connector projector connect-and-disconnect features that have a convenient lamp and filter access that works on most projectors on the market.
This ceiling inverted projector mount will maintain registration when it’s disconnected, and even then, it will not affect the preset adjustments.


You can adjust the mount using preset settings for the roll, pitch and the yaw. The roll is 4 degrees, Pitch 25 degrees and the Yaw can rotate through a 360-degree angle. These angles of adjustment allow for fast registration of the projector.

Security systems:

It also features an All-Points Security Systems which offers exclusive steel-into-steel locking hardware in all the connection points. This is a stealth feature that protects your investment against theft. The solid steel design of the mount will also hold the maximum allowable weight of 50lbs easily. the

Versatile design:

This universal mount features multiple options for installation including a flush mount system to the ceiling using the flush mount, a 0.25inch threaded rod or a 1.5inch NPT threaded extension column. It also comes with integrated cable management that allows for through top of mount installation that comes without any additional accessories.

Thanks to the universal interface bracket, it’s compatible with about 95 percent of all the inverted projectors available on the market. It’s also compatible with a wide variety of accessories preventing challenges associated with installations.


This projector ceiling mount allows for a lateral shift when you use the optional LSB-100 Lateral Shift Accessory. This LSB-100 will allow for the shifting of the projector 3 inches to the left or the right of the chosen installation spot, located at 5.75 inches for projectors weighing less than 15lbs. LSB-100 will also accommodate different placements for the lens if you replace the projector within the existing installation. The mounting system offers a quick disconnect feature.

Reliability of the design

As mentioned above, you can expect secure mounting of the projector. The security assurance comes from the heavy-gauge solid steel. The mount is UL-Listed and its strength proven.

The All-Points Security Systems is an exclusive hardware locking system that safeguards the system. And, you could also use the security locks and also mount the projector using the security hardware on all the connection points. These connection points include the Roll, Yaw and Pitch adjustments, mount to a bracket, and the bracket-to-bracket connection points.

The mounting system is compatible with the Chief PG-1A as well as the PG-2A Projector Guard secure cages.

This Chief RPA-U Universal Inverted LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount comes with a 10-year warranty assuring you of the best quality.

Convenient Features

With the low-profile design, the RPAU will be flush mounted without using extra accessories, and since it comes fully assembled, you could use it straight from the box.

The cable management system prevents clutter and it allows for quick projector reconnects using a convenient lamp plus a filter access.

It also offers proper ventilation, and you can adjust the mount’s contouring using the lowest profile available.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]