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Why Display Size Matters in Today’s New Classroom

epson brightlink projectors

Why Display Size Matters in Today's New Classroom -

As an educator, your main goal is to provide an excellent learning experience for your students. Social distancing regulations have forced you to reinvent classroom spaces so kids can safely return. As you design new classrooms, consider these important facts.
The Old Classroom
Average class size in U.S.


students for primary grades

$13 billion estimate of how much U.S. schools spend on educational tech tools each year


students for secondary grades

85% of that spending is wasted on products that are a poor fit or implemented incorrectly for schools
50% of class time is spent viewing displays for educational purposes
Choosing the right technology is critical for students as well as district budgets.
Social Distancing and The Right Tool
No state has sufficient classroom size for the current average class size
In a standard classroom, 58% of students cannot read what was on 70-inch display
CDC guidelines suggest
Turning desks to face in the same direction
Spacing seating at least 6 feet apart when feasible

classroom size

Select the right display for K-12 classrooms with two criteria:
The size of the display
The distance from which students will view it

social distancing

The 4/6/8 Rule
This rule demonstrates how the size of the display in relation to the student’s location impacts engagement, learning and comprehension.
analytical viewing 4 For analytical viewing, students should sit a maximum of four times the vertical display height Learning goals:
Making decisions
Analyzing details
basic viewing 6 For basic viewing, students should sit a maximum of six times the vertical display height Learning goals:
Watching presentations
Presenting multimedia curriculum
passive viewing 8 For passive viewing, students should sit a maximum of eight times the vertical display height Learning goals:
Watching noncritical video
Viewing noncritical data
Now more than ever, the size of classroom displays are critical for success.
At distances greater than eight times the display height, students experience a significant reduction in their comprehension.
Six times vertical display height should be the desired standard for schools.
In the average classroom using a flat panel display, 27% of students are within acceptable viewing distance.
What happens to the remaining 73% of students?
How Projectors Are Integral to the Hybrid Classroom
1 Image size and quality

As you move into new classroom designs, more students will be further away from the display

The Epson BrightLink BL 1485 Fi 120-inch display offers up to 95% more interactive space versus a 75-inch flat panel

Displays bright, colorful, content from 60 inches up to 300 inches on virtually any wall for larger, more flexible images

With a 100-inch display, 100% of students are within acceptable viewing distance


How Projectors Are Integral to the Hybrid Classroom
2 Distance learning
CDC guidelines suggest that some students use distance learning

distance learning

student screen

Teachers can leverage a video conferencing platform, like Zoom, with an Epson BrightLink interactive projector to create a collaborative and engaging experience for remote students. A split-screen provides space for content and whiteboard use
How Projectors Are Integral to the Hybrid Classroom
3 Value
AFFORDABLE The budget-friendly BrightLink offers the lowest cost image per square inch vs interactive flat panel displays.
VERSATILE Unlike flat-panels, Epson projectors don’t compromise whiteboard learning space.
RELIABLE Virtually maintenance-free 20,000-hour laser light source with no lamps - which means no lamps to change- ever.
CONNECTABLE Epson’s iProjection app supports wireless casting from Teacher and Student devices. Wireless device casting is critical to maintain hygiene in the classroom.
Epson Brightlink Projectors provide obvious advantages over flat panel displays for all students — in and out of the classroom. After all, they come from a brand that’s been a trusted education partner for 25 years. No wonder more than 10 million students learn on them daily.


epson brightlink projectors

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