Reaching children, inspiring them and teaching them to become great adults is a noble quest and can be a challenging task. Copernicus makes learning mobile and accessible to help teachers engage with their students and make teaching a little easier. From their tech focused products, such as the iRover2, Dewey-the Document Camera Stand, Tech Tub™ and Tech Tub™ Carts, to their more traditional Easels, Reading/Writing Centers, STEM and book carts, they strive to create interactive environments that bring education to life.

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Copernicus TD5000 3D Printer Cart – Base Model


Copernicus DCS5 Dewey the Document Camera Stand


Copernicus LWSTEM STEM Storage Cart


Copernicus TEC601C Original Tech Tub Standard – holds 6 devices


Copernicus TEC1000 Original Tech Tub® Premium: Holds Up To 10 Tablets


Copernicus MTS-STB Mobile Tech Station Stubby Tubby Pull-out Drawer


Copernicus MTS-SPK Mobile Tech Station Speaker Mount


Copernicus MTS-RBT Mobile Tech Station Really Big Tub Kit


Copernicus MTS-PGW01 Mobile Tech Station Pack and Go Whiteboard Easel


Copernicus MTS-LP Mobile Tech Station Laptop Tray


Copernicus MTS2 Mobile Tech Station Base


Copernicus MTS1 Mobile Tech Station Premium


Copernicus FTT732-USB Tech Tub2® Modular Cart with sync and charge USB hub – holds 32 iPads


Copernicus FTT732 Tech Tub2® Modular Cart – holds 32 devices


Copernicus FTT724-USB Tech Tub2® Modular Cart with sync and charge USB hub – holds 24 iPads


Copernicus FTT724 Tech Tub2® Modular Cart- holds 24 devices


Copernicus FTT706 Tech Tub2® Trolley – holds 6 devices


Copernicus FTT700 Tech Tub2® – holds 6 devices


Copernicus FTT2010-USB Tech Tub2® Trolley with syncing USB hub – holds 10 devices


Copernicus FTT2010 Tech Tub2® Trolley – holds 10 devices


Copernicus FTT1100-USB Tech Tub2® with USB – holds 10 iPads®


Copernicus FTT1100 Tech Tub2® – holds 10 devices


Copernicus DCS7 Dewey Video Recording and Doc Cam Stand with Ring Light


Copernicus DCS6 Dewey the Document Camera Stand with microscope and light