Although many projectors come with a multi year warranty, at at some point you will need to replace the projector lamp. Most projector manufacturers only offer a 90 day lamp warranty. At the PSSAV, we make it our business to ensure that you have every opportunity to find the replacement projector lamp that fits your needs. We offer the broadest range of brands online so you sure to find the replacement projector bulb you are looking for.

If your having trouble finding the exact replacement part your projector needs? We are available, give us a call, and we will make every effort to double check with the manufacturer and other lamp resources to find the part you need.

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Epson ELPLP77/V13H010L77 Replacement Projector Lamp for PowerLite 4650/4750W/4855WU


Panasonic Et-lad60 / Et-lad60a Projector Lamp


BenQ 5J.JL905.001 Lamp for TK850 and TK810 Projectors


Lg Eaq43069401 / Aj-laf1 Projector Lamp


Jvc Pk-l2618u / Pk-l2618uw Projector Lamp


Hitachi Dt01291 / Cp-wx8255lamp Projector Lamp


Vivitek 5811120589-SVV – Projector Lamp, 310 W


Vivitek 5811117496-SVV – Projector Lamp, 280W


Vivitek 5811117175-SVV – Projector Lamp, 190W


Vivitek 5811116885-SU – Projector Lamp, 280W


Vivitek 5811116781-SVV – Projector Lamp w/Housing, 230 W


Vivitek 5811116685-S – Projector Lamp w/Housing, 220 W


Vivitek 5811116617-SU – Projector Lamp, 220W


Vivitek 5811116320-SU – Projector Lamp, 180W


Vivitek 5811116310-SU – Projector Lamp w/Housing, 240 W


Vivitek 5811116206-SU – Projector Lamp, 230W


Vivitek 5811116085-SU – Projector Lamp w/Housing, 280 W


Vivitek 5811100760-SVK – Projector Lamp w/Housing, 180 W


Vivitek 3797725600-s Projector Lamp, 400W


BenQ 9E.Y1301.001 Projector Lamp


BenQ CS5JJ2F001 Projector Replacement Lamp for MP720P Projector


BenQ CS5JJ1K001 Projector Replacement Lamp for MP620 and MP720 Projectors


BenQ CS.5JJ0V.001 Projector Lamp


BenQ CS59J991B1 Projector Replacement Lamp for PB2250 Projector