Video Conference Room Solutions -
Video Conference Room Solutions -

Solving the Collaboration Problem

Walk into a room and instantly start a collaboration session, complete with shared content and flawless sound and video – all nicely packaged into a perfect bundle. Imagine collaborating through Zoom Rooms for Touch in real-time while experiencing superior video and audio performance.

Zoom Room solutions from PSSAV.com and Optika make this all possible.

  • Increase productivity within your team or organization
  • Create an immersive, interactive, and engaging experience
  • Experience the future of real-time collaboration

Immersive. Efficient. Interactive.

Have you ever been in that situation when, during a board meeting, you are trying to present your idea but nobody seems to understand you? It is in those times that one of the best solutions to the issue would be to have a drawing board with which you can really show the concept in a way that allows other meeting participants to get a clear picture (literally) of what you’re trying to present. We’re not just talking about product concepts. It could be anything, from an idea for the next line of hair gel to an accounting concept that could secure the financial future of the company.

Zoom’s whiteboard allows you to enhance your board meetings in a way that makes room for complete and immersive collaboration.

Video Conference Room Solutions -

What You'll Need

Video Conference Room Solutions -

Display & Mount
Choose a 55″ or 65″ Optika Display, and a wall mount or mobile cart.

Video Conference Room Solutions -

UC Appliance
Save time with a pre-loaded Zoom Rooms for Touch software appliance.

Video Conference Room Solutions -

HD Web Camera
High performance USB 3.0 HD Video Camera for superior image quality with PTZ flexibility.

Video Conference Room Solutions -

Audio Solution
Exceptional audio quality with Jabra Speak810, featuring USB connectivity.