Optoma UHZ50

Smart 4K UHD laser home entertainment projector

Get ready for a whole new cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. The stylish UHZ50 laser projector delivers vivid 4K UHD resolution for incredibly crisp images with exceptional clarity and vibrancy for movies, TV shows, games, and sports. With the included enhanced gaming mode, gamers can enjoy fast-moving action with a 16.7ms response time in 4K at 60Hz and 4ms in 1080P at 240Hz.

Packed with the latest technology and features, this stylish projector boasts HDR and HLG compatibility, three HDMI 2.0 inputs, seamless voice control, streaming apps and a built-in media player. Laser technology provides long-lasting, exceptional color accuracy with extensive DCI-P3 coverage – perfect for recreating the big-screen experience at home.

Big screen entertainment

Create and view images far larger than any TV with a projector. You can create a massive up to 300” image*. Perfect for recreating the immersive cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. *Screen size depends on space available (wall size and distance) and ambient lighting conditions.


Lights-on viewing*

This all-round home entertainment projector combines high brightness and vivid colors for vibrant, true-to-life visuals in well-lit environments* – ideal for watching TV shows, sports and movies or gaming with family or friends any time of day. *With no direct sunlight or lights directed on screen.


True 4K UHD Resolution

Ultra HD 4K resolution delivers sharper, life-like images and richer colors – allowing you to sit closer to the screen and enjoy a more immersive experience.

Our DLP projectors provide CTA (Consumer Technology Association) approved True 4K UHD resolution, capable of projecting 8.3 million on screen pixels. That’s four times more detail than Full HD and twice as many from competing technology, which only delivers 4.1 million pixels.


HDR and HLG compatible

Capable of receiving and displaying both HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR content. This Optoma projector allows you to see far more detail and texture. Objects look more solid and lifelike and the extra detail creates a greater sense of depth.



Using sophisticated frame-interpolation technology, advanced motion control processing eliminates motion blurring or image judder, even in high-speed action sequences.

What is a Laser Projector?

Perhaps the biggest innovation to happen in the last few years is the development of affordable projectors that eliminate the need for replacement lamps.  This article covers why experts are recommending laser projectors – and addresses common questions for people who are buying a projector for a classroom or collaboration space such as:

  • Why are laser projectors better than less expensive lamp or laser hybrid projectors?
  • Why do laser projectors have better color accuracy?
  • Do laser projectors still have filters – and will they turn yellow over time?


Why is a laser projector better than a lamp based or laser LED hybrid projector?

The BenQ LX60 was first commercial laser projector for sale in the US market, and today the laser projector technology dominates the business and commercial market.   Why are laser based models so popular?


Laser projectors vs. lamp projectors 

The laser light source for projectors offers a number of advantages over replacement lamps.  The first advantage is that, for most models, you can run the projector at full power and use the projector for 10 or more years (20,000 hours) without having to replace the lamp.   This is especially advantageous for large deployments such as school districts, where the cost and availability of labor to replace hundreds of projector lamps can create both logistical and financial challenges to an organization. 


Laser projectors vs. LED laser hybrid models

Casio was the first company to create a laser / LED hybrid projector in 2010, which offered some of the same benefits as projectors with 100% lasers.  While this technology eliminates the traditional projector lamp, many models have warranty restrictions that limit the light source warranty to only 6000 hours.   Projectors using both LED light and laser light sources cannot achieve the same brightness levels as a 100% laser projector, and if used more than 10 hours per day and five days per week, only have a one year warranty.   Most laser projectors models do not have these types of usage restrictions. 



Optoma ZU500USTe High Brightness 5000 lumens WUXGA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Click Here To Order Online Optoma ZU500USTe High Brightness 5000 lumens WUXGA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

The ZU500USTe employs Optoma DURACORE Laser technology and has a unique short-throw lens design that offers a highly bright 5000-lumen projector WUXGA picture for the entry-level ProAV industry. Perfect for providing very brilliant, vibrant, and accurate colours, as well as high contrast, detailed images. The ViewSonic projector comes with interactive modules, a wall mount kit, and digital whiteboard software, making it a complete option for school projection. It is the best all-in-one interactive projection solution for schools, and it’s the ideal way to make the class more entertaining than ever before.

Its 20,000-hour lamp-less laser light source is housed in an IP5X airtight optical engine that provides long-term durability and little maintenance, resulting in a low total cost of ownership. This projector is designed to be incredibly adaptable in any installation situation, with 360-degree mounting choices, portrait mode projection, and 24-hour operation. It is the perfect option for any professional installation solution, thanks to its lightweight and small form factor.


Optoma’s revolutionary DuraCore technology, which incorporates superior laser diode cooling processes and a novel dust-resistant architecture, achieves an industry-leading lifespan. Twenty thousand hours equates to 10 years of everyday use* or 2.28 years if run continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Surprisingly, even after 5,000 hours, the brightness of this projector has remained practically unchanged, which we believe is unusual in the projector business for this type of projector.

Dust-resistant optical engine

The Airtight Optical Engine from Optoma is used in this projector, IP5X certified. The dust-proof shell prevents dust from entering the system, ensuring a long-lasting, dependable, and maintenance-free experience.


The total cost of ownership

The entire cost of ownership of a projector for demanding applications is not in the purchase price but costly maintenance and servicing. ProScene projectors are low-maintenance, with no user-serviceable components and no filters that need to be replaced regularly. Consequently, low-cost, predictable service cycles are achieved, allowing projected downtime to be reduced.
Precision Short Throw Projector with H+V lens shift

The advantages of the one-of-a-kind short throw Projector items include:
– Projection of large images in constrained areas
– The ability to adjust the lens allows for additional installation flexibility.
– Offers a cost-effective choice for projects on a tight budget.

Industry-leading colour performance

This Laser Projector has a broad colour gamut and is designed to provide the most extraordinary colour performance in any application or environment. Thanks to our superior colour technology, settings, and features, users may experience long-lasting, dependable, and exact colours – from colourful, punchy presentations to realistic pictures.

360° and portrait projection

Images may be projected in a complete 360° vertical range, including replication on the ceiling or floor. This Laser Projector may also be set to portrait mode for applications such as digital signs or tall thin projection areas.


Adjusting the Corners

It removes any crooked or distorted pictures in off-angle or limited space installations by carefully correcting each corner of the screen for that perfect picture.


Installation is a breeze with uncompressed Full HD video, audio, network, and control instructions all transmitted on a single CAT-type cable capable of reaching 100 meters/328 feet without signal loss. HDBaseT minimizes installation complexity and streamlines wiring needs, saving time and money.

AV Mute

This Laser Projector can generate a complete blackout that works like a mechanical shutter when only extreme darkness is needed. The transition from average projection to complete night and vice versa are seamless.

Quick start-up and shutdown

This projector has a short start-up and shutdown time and quickly achieves maximum brightness. It also has a ‘pause projection’ option that allows the light source to be turned off to save electricity. Unlike traditional lamp-based projectors, the laser-light source needs very little cooling time.

Click Here To Order Online Optoma ZU500USTe High Brightness 5000 lumens WUXGA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

BenQ Interactive Displays for STEM

Benefits of Interactive Displays for Your STEM/STEAM Classrooms

With an interactive display that’s high quality, high fidelity, and easily accessible, you can simulate diverse experiments, tests, and processes that would normally be entirely physical. And physical means more complex and expensive. Chemistry and physics especially benefit from this, with interactive displays allowing for demonstrations that reach everyone in attendance and that respond to input in real time. For mathematics, equations and calculations appear to students with increased clarity and may be altered and modified instantly without the mess blackboards and whiteboards entail. Dedicated tools that work on interactive displays make math much easier for students to understand and enjoy. 

Large and eye-catching interactive displays have a “wow” factor to them previously only found on big screen TVs or even movie theaters. Compared to the sleepy vibe of traditional classrooms with their largely non-interactive structure and old-fashioned books, smart classrooms with a focus on STEM/STEAM consistently prove to be more engaging. Greater engagement of course translates into improved knowledge retention and an overall better approach to learning on the part of students. 

Without needing a lot of complex equipment, interactive displays offer a big and bold centerpiece for classrooms where knowledge and concepts can be clearly visualized in an attractive, engaging manner. A simple example of this may be something as mundane as a geography lesson. Whereas old style classes relied on atlases, with interactive displays teachers bring up Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Street View to enable virtual school trips. That’s a lot more engaging that flipping pages in a large and heavy book, which rarely retains student interest for very long.

optoma home theater projector

Cinematic Experience With A Home Theater Projector

Optoma Home Theater Projector at PSSAV

We all dream of a movie night with friends and family — the dimmed light, cozy atmosphere, popcorn bucket, comfortable recliners, and an engaging plot line are all worthwhile! Sadly, not many of us get to experience this luxury — often due to work or a busy schedule. And with the Coronavirus on the loose, these fantasies seem like a pipedream.

However, this does not mean you cannot get this rich experience from within the confines of your house — with a laser home entertainment projector, everything is possible! The Optoma UHZ50 is a laser projector that helps you bring the cinema to your house.

Before you question if a home theater is even worth it, let us look at some benefits of having a home theater.

Get the same engaging viewing experience.

We often resist investing in a home theater because we doubt its ability to offer an immersive experience as we get inside a cinema hall. However, if you invest in a high-quality laser home entertainment project, a cinematic experience is assured.

A home theater will give you the same experience without the usual hassles we face while visiting a cinema hall — home theaters allow you to bid farewell to long queues and overpriced popcorn to watch a movie. You can bring whatever food you enjoy, sit wherever you want, and play whatever movie you feel like watching in your home theater.

Get a stadium-like experience at home.

Movies are not the only thing you can watch in a home theater — sports lovers can enjoy their favorite sporting events from the comfort of their homes. Be it a football or a basketball match, you get the front row experience when you have a dedicated home theater.

The best part is you feel as if you are inside the stadium and the players are right in front of you. So, call your friends over to watch a live sporting event — that too, without paying even a penny for the tickets.

Stream your all-time favorite movies.

You need a laser home entertainment projector, like Optoma UHZ50, to get an incredible experience of the films you enjoy. Apart from Netflix, we have tons of different streaming platforms, like Hulu, that are home to incredible Indie documentaries and binge-worthy series.

With a home theater, you get the best viewing experience and can enjoy worthwhile content without heading out of your home. Besides, watching engaging series with friends is a great way to make memories and unwind.

Control the remote.

The best part about having a home theater is that you get to control what you watch — no one can stop you from changing the movie if it is boring. Depending on your mood, you can easily play whatever you feel like; if not a movie, you can watch a series, and if not a series, you can play a game! You have the ultimate power.

In addition, since you are the master of your home theater, you can stop the movie without any questions to take a quick bathroom break — this is impossible in cinema halls where you end up missing an important scene when you take your restroom break.

Do you want a highly engaging viewing experience at home?

If you are ready to turn your house into a full-blown home theater so that you can watch your favorite movies and TV series, invest in Optoma UHZ50. Optoma UHZ50 is THE laser home entertainment projector you need to watch heart-touching movies just as you would in a cinema hall. Visit our website today to know more.

Optoma Home Theater Projector at PSSAV

optoma interactive flat panel

Digital Classroom With Optoma

Optoma Interactive Flat Panel at PSSAV

Education has long been confined to books and journals, with technology viewed as a source of distraction. Well, history is changing, and so are the modalities of education. Today, technology has permeated classrooms and is no longer viewed as a source of distraction. It is being used to engage students and help them do better academically.
Optoma projectors and interactive flat panels are a great example of technologically advanced devices that make learning truly enjoyable and interactive.
Let’s explore the benefits of introducing such technological equipment in classrooms.

Higher engagement

Heavy textbooks are not appealing enough to excite children and convince them to study. Books are full of chunky paragraphs and words that children may not understand. Their language is often hard to decode, and children cannot understand the concepts.
Thankfully, you can use Optoma Interactive Flat Display to enhance children’s engagement and teach them concepts that are otherwise hard to learn. The videos displayed on interactive flat panels are super engaging and break down hard-to-understand concepts into captivating visual images.

Easier operation

The Interactive Flat Panel is easier to operate, so sharing knowledge becomes extremely easy. They are not those complex technological devices that give teachers a hard time. Since educators can efficiently use them, students can easily grasp the information.
With a handy device like Optoma Interactive Flat Display, teachers can quickly change slides, share knowledge about a new topic, and even instantly show images to help them understand the concept. Therefore, these technological devices are a must-have for classrooms.

Cater to the needs of all students

Students come from varied backgrounds. And an all-inclusive classroom would be the one that caters to each child and helps them achieve their academic goals.
Surprisingly, teachers can now capitalize on advanced devices like Optoma Interactive Flat Display to make learning interactive and specifically help visual learners. The visual learners are dependent on ‘visual’ ways — diagrams, graphs, or charts — to understand concepts and cannot digest text-heavy learning. A digital classroom with advanced Optoma projectors and displays is ideal for such learners.

Increased interaction

Interactive learning is a great way to ensure students’ participation and gauge if they are grasping what is being taught. It is a two-way education model that also helps teachers make lectures interesting. Utilizing interactive displays is a smart way to promote interactive learning.
Classrooms with interactive flat panels offer an immersive experience and boost engagement opportunities — showing videos and images allow students to get involved in the process. Based on these interactive videos, educators can create activities to summon responses from students. In addition, students can also capitalize on these screens to show their PowerPoint presentations or present their results in certain experiments.

Efficient classroom management

Handling a lot of energetic — often mischievous — students can be difficult for educators. The good news is installing Optoma Interactive Flat Display, or Optoma projectors, is an incredible way to have a calm classroom with focused students. When students are engaged in the immersive videos, they are less likely to cause nuisance and disrupt the classroom’s environment.
Apart from leveraging engaging videos to minimize classroom troubles, teachers can resort to interactive activities. Teachers can capitalize on many more handy tools like noise level meters, timers, and games to drive students’ attention and prevent them from causing a ruckus.

All about Optoma Interactive Flat Display

Optoma Flat Display is an LED-backlit, 4K UHD panel that is ideal for classrooms and commercial spaces. The Interactive Display comes with wide viewing angles and anti-glare glass that produces high-resolution images for a riveting experience. It even supports wireless content sharing and screen mirroring, making it an ideal digital classroom device.
Do you want to buy Optoma Interactive Flat Display or Optoma projectors? Visit our website today.

Optoma Interactive Flat Panel at PSSAV

Identifying the Best Display for Healthcare Meetings

Doctors and staff need presentation flexibility

They need to be able to access, share, and play content from their laptop or mobile devices wirelessly, work directly from the display without a laptop or mobile device, or connect and share documents and video from USB flash drive. In addition, they need to be able to support video conferencing without a laptop. As the perfect solution, BenQ offers the all-in-one 4K UHD ST series smart displays. They are designed to enable in-person and remote meetings with incredible flexibility. Users can choose how they share to screen: utilizing BenQ’s InstaShare two-way wireless screen mirroring and two-way touch control platform; working directly from the screen without a laptop or mobile device, thanks to the built-in Android OS; or plugging in a USB flash drive to access and play multimedia files directly. InstaShare eliminates the need to install expensive video distribution systems that take time to connect and learn or separate non-integrated screen mirroring systems. With InstaShare, users connect their device to the screen wirelessly, with up to four users present to the screen at the same time. Two-way touch control is supported on Windows and macOS computers, which means users can control their computer from the display or control the display from their computer.

Video conferencing is a must

ST displays allow users to start video meetings with a simple click. The OPS slot-in PC is fully compatible with top video conferencing solutions such as Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex. TeamViewer Meeting is also pre-installed. The ST Series is also available as an all-in-one video conferencing bundle featuring BenQ’s new enterprise-grade DVY21 compact full HD huddle room webcam, DVY22 smart 4K camera for midsize meeting rooms, or DVY23 20X zoom PTZ camera for large conference rooms; Meeting Room 365 license to quickly and easily reserve meeting rooms right from the display; and a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter.

Smart displays will double as digital signage

Digital signage is a much-needed service in healthcare facilities for wayfinding and information dissemination. The ST Series features BenQ’s X-Sign Content Management and Broadcast Software, providing organizations the ability to edit, manage, and customize signage content without paying digital signage service fees. It is capable of pushing alerts, messages, and announcements to any BenQ screen in the building, including scheduled broadcasts, live streamed and YouTube videos, and broadcasts to specific groups. Healthcare innovation driving new possibilities in care. The BenQ ST smart signage display supports organizations in ensuring they’re reaching new standards in all areas of in-person and new telehealth services.

laser projectors

Why Laser Projectors?

Buy laser projectors for education at PSSAV.

Advanced technology has made its way to every industry. It is the reason behind radically innovative devices that boost user experience. One of the technologically advanced products that enhances the viewing experience and unites fantasy and reality is laser projectors.

Projectors are widely used today for various purposes — sometimes to watch a movie, sometimes to present certain statistics, and sometimes to educate children.

SONY laser projectors are especially known for being effective projectors for education. They produce a bigger picture than traditional screens and are highly engaging. The best part is projectors reflect light in contrast to TVs that emit light. Therefore, watching videos produced by projectors is less straining on children’s eyes.

Why are SONY laser projectors THE projectors for education?

Here is why you need to invest in SONY laser projectors and use them in classrooms.

1. They are highly efficient.

Children are often restless in classrooms, and managing them can be challenging. Therefore, educators cannot afford to spend more time fumbling with an inefficient electronic device that does not function properly — you need a highly efficient device that matches your students’ energy!

SONY’s laser projectors are ideal for classrooms, as they get going instantly at the touch of a button. Unlike these swift laser projectors, lamp projectors take time to reach their operating temperature and function effectively. And in a highly energetic classroom with fidgety students, an inefficient, time-consuming device is not ideal. Therefore, SONY’s laser projectors are the right choice.

2. They offer higher picture quality.

SONY projectors offer a wider color gamut, meaning a better color accuracy. On top of that, the laser projectors offer better brightness uniformity, further boosting the image quality. Therefore, these projectors are best suited for classrooms since the vibrancy they offer is fascinating for students.

In addition, laser projectors produce sharp, clear pictures no matter where they are placed, contrary to the lamp-based projects, which produce a scattered and unfocused picture. The defined picture ensures children an enhanced experience and allows them to understand the concepts being taught.

3. They have lower maintenance costs.

The best feature about laser projectors is that they have a lower maintenance cost than lamp-based projectors. In a lamp-based projector, you have to replace the lamp to ensure functionality regularly. This cost eventually adds up when you consider the lifetime cost of ownership. And when you install these projectors in an entire educational institution, the price can be alarming.
In stark contrast, laser projectors require little to no maintenance. Their light sources have a lifespan of over 20,000 hours — as opposed to lamp projectors that last only 3,000-6,000 hours. Therefore, SONY laser projectors are a go-to option for education.

Buy laser projectors for education at PSSAV.

PSSAV is a one-stop-shop for visual and audio equipment. If you are looking for high-quality SONY laser projectors to offer an immersive learning experience to students, PSSAV is your go-to store. The SONY laser projector you purchase will make learning fun and engaging. With bright pictures and high-resolution videos, your children will never resist sitting for hours and studying. Visit our website today to get your hands on SONY laser projectors.

Tech That Helps Us Get Back to the Office Safely

What more can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been told. It’s the year of the challenge, the year of change. And we’ve all had to face these challenges together, which at least has the upside of many people everywhere trying to come up with solutions for shared problems.


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, busy offices and fully staffed enterprises of all sizes were of course the norm. Meeting rooms had lots of people in attendance, and brainstorming was done face to face and benefitted from an impromptu nature at SMBs and other dynamic environments. But all that’s changed.


Now we’re dealing with a so-called hybrid work model, with some employees at the office and some at home. Or maybe everyone’s home. And in many cases, those at the office need to maintain social distancing rules and other precautions. All of these can easily get in the way of doing business and getting stuff done.


Fortunately, technology remains our ally. And in 2020, it’s ever more important to help overcome hurdles to productivity and team morale. Let’s take a look at essential technologies that help companies employ new office work approaches, with an emphasis on hybrid work. That is, work that combines local and remote participation, but always promotes safety and health. 

Rethinking Office Spaces

COVID-19 and the regulations that governments have enacted in response have had a huge impact on enterprises that rely on face to face communication. Workplaces accustomed to in-person interaction for idea forming and innovation need to rethink how they do things in order to continue in the face of changing circumstances.


Naturally, the “lockdown” state can’t last forever as that’s not tenable. Companies are gradually returning to offices, even if on a part-time, highly controlled basis. This has led to the increasing popularity of the hybrid work model described above. It’s also encouraging companies to rethink their offices to ensure comfortable and safe environments for employees working on-site. All while making sure connectivity, interaction, and collaboration aren’t compromised. Definitely a challenge, but most assuredly doable. 

Keep People Informed with Digital Signage

First up is high fidelity digital signage. Why? Because the frontline of combatting any public health issue is readily available information. So instead of goofy and barely legible notes on walls, many businesses are now opting for clear and dynamic digital signage. Screens placed around the office provide employees with helpful advice and guidelines on how to stay safe and healthy. Awareness is important, and with new information coming to the fore all the time, digital screens are much easier to update than printed notices. They’re also far clearer and more appealing, so team members are almost guaranteed to pay attention. That’s a stark contrast from posted notices, which become background noise very quickly and are routinely overlooked. 

Wireless Presentation Systems Greatly Reduce the Risk of Infection

One of the most important tools in mitigating COVID-19 appears to be what’s become known as social distancing. That’s keeping six feet or approximately two meters of distance between people. Wireless presentation solutions fit right in with this methodology. They’re designed to get information across, in the most literal sense. That’s across space, without having to touch shared cables and connectors, let alone a communal laptop or something like that.


With solutions like BenQ InstaShow, each of your team members that attends a meeting gets a dongle or adapter. They plug it into InstaShow, then stream content wirelessly via secure, closed-system Wi-Fi from a source device. That can be their personal laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There’s no need for people to get physically close nor share presentation tools. The risk of infection is thus immensely reduced compared to traditional meeting setups. Employees can even leave dongles at the meeting room if desired, as there’s no need to carry them around outside the meeting space.


Importantly, the old meeting room shuffle of employees changing seats and getting up to plug and unplug cables from a shared projector that requires a lot of fiddling is gone. InstaShow works 99% wirelessly, with only one physical button needing to be pressed. 

Accommodating the Growth of Video Conferences

The so-called Zoom Boom will surely go down in history as one of the hallmarks of 2020. Video call apps like Zoom and Microsoft Team, but especially the former, have grown in popularity on an exponential scale due to the emergence of remote and hybrid work. The BenQ InstaShow WDC20 in particular features many capabilities tailored to enable video conferencing. Primary among those is seamless and easy-to-do split screen presentation. You can have an entire team on screen, or multiple employees and presentation materials alongside each other. The flexibility on offer makes video conferences highly productive, compensating for the loss of face to face interaction. 

Adapt and Thrive

The bottom line here is that the tools to adjust how we work exist, and aren’t even all that expensive, complicated, or difficult to implement. There’s no need to completely reinvent offices, just tweak them. Nor do you need to invest in big ticket purchases that’ll further stress company finances in these trying times. Technology like digital signage and wireless presentation systems costs about the same as monitors, and buying those is totally normal and obligatory at every business and organization. The new routine is investing a little in technology that promotes health, builds confidence, and ensures continuous productivity.

Stay safe, stay innovative! 

sony bravia display

The Advantage of a SONY Bravia Display for Digital Signage

SONY Bravia Display at PSSAV

Increasing competition is one of the biggest challenges companies face in today’s marketplace. Customers have many options, and brands need a “WOW” factor to stick out and become their target audience’s first preference.
In an attempt to stay afloat, businesses have come up with several innovative ideas. Digital signage is one of the ways companies are grabbing their ideal customers’ attention and compelling them to buy their products. And when it comes to digital signage, you need a high-quality one that is durable and displays high-resolution advertisements, enticing your customers to make impulse purchases. SONY’s Bravia Display is soaring in popularity as the top option.
Let us look at what sets Bravia Display apart and how this digital signage display can benefit you.

Top Benefits of SONY Bravia Display

1. Grab attention

In today’s world of glitter and glimmer, you need an even more appealing way to grab your customers’ attention. To add to your challenges, today’s buyers are busy and have shorter attention spans, which means you have to be very efficient — or you will lose your only chance to convert your prospects.
With SONY Bravia, drawing your customers’ attention is no longer a challenge. The crisp and vivid display of Bravia is the only thing you need to make people stop and take a look at your advertisement. Its 4000:1 contrast ratio helps enhance the visibility even in brighter environments.

2. Easy to update your promotions

In today’s fast-paced world, things change quickly — so do a brand’s promotional offers! To keep your customers up to date with your ongoing sale offers, seasonal promotions, or flash sales and compel them to buy from you, you need digital signage, like Sony Bravia.
Making changes can be difficult in traditional advertising — imagine making corrections on a giant billboard that took you hours to install. Digital signage makes it easier to change the graphics and display the latest offer quickly.

3. Enjoy a higher ROI

Every savvy business owner contemplates the return on investment (ROI) before making a purchase. Fortunately, you need not think twice before purchasing the premium SONY Bravia, as it has a higher return on investment.

Though the retail price might seem high, Bravia Display is a durable product and will help you save thousands of dollars in the future. Instead of regularly spending on costly hoardings or flyers, you make a one-time payment for an efficient product that will last for ages and bring tangible results.

4. It is dynamic

The biggest drawback of traditional advertising is that it is static, thus uninteresting — you can only place a single picture on the giant billboard and expect passersby to get attracted. In contrast, digital signage is a dynamic way to grab the attention of your prospects.

While a single image quickly loses impact, a set of different vivid, animated images and engaging videos has a lasting impression. Therefore, digital signage is more captivating, thus, more likely to deliver the anticipated results.

Outstanding features of SONY Bravia Display

Bravia Display has stellar features, like 4K UHD native resolution and Dolby Vision, that enhance the image quality and offer a rich viewing experience. In addition, SONY Bravia Display is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and compatible with Apple AirPlay and Chromecast for easy wireless screen mirroring. These features boost the accessibility of the product and offer highly detailed, immersive display quality.

Do you want to get your hands on Sony Bravia Display and tap into the power of digital signage? SONY Bravia Display at PSSAV