At Projector SuperStore, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products. This applies to headphones too. We’ve selected headphones for listing on our site that are guaranteed to hold up to the rigors of professional use. Whether it’s a pair of headphones for use by an FOH engineer at a live event, a headset for part of a theater intercom system, or a pair of rugged headphones for use in a school computer lab, we’ve got you covered! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll find it for you!

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Cyber Acoustics E40295 AC-201 Stereo Headset and Boom Mic


Cyber Acoustics 3F8517 AC-968 USB Stereo Headset


Sennheiser 507081 GSP 350 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset – Refurbished


Sennheiser HD600 Audiophile Open-Ear Dynamic Hi-Fi/Professional Headphones


Creative Labs 70GH040000000 Creative Labs SXFI Headband Headphones Black – Refurbished


Creative Labs 51EF0810AA000 SXFI AIR Bluetooth® and USB Headphones with Built-In Super X-Fi Technology – Refurbished


Sennheiser 507262 GSP 550 Headset – Refurbished


Sennheiser 507261 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset Red/Black – Refurbished


Sennheiser 506527 Headphone Amplifier Black – Refurbished


Sennheiser 506079 GAME ZERO Special Edition Gaming Headset – Refurbished


Sennheiser 1000236 GAME ONE black High-end, open acoustic PC headset for home gaming – Refurbished


Sennheiser 1000235 GAME ZERO black High-end, professional noise blocking PC gaming headsets for pro gamers – Refurbished


RIG 209190-07 100HS Gaming Headset PS4 Black – Refurbished


RIG 211222-01 500 PRO HS PS4 – Refurbished


RIG 214418-01 400HX Xbox Black Dolby Atmos – Refurbished


RIG 214452-01 500 PRO HS PS4 – Refurbished


RIG 214452-03 500 PRO HS Black Headset – Refurbished


RIG 214566-01 500 PRO HX Black Headset with Dolby Atmos – Refurbished


AKG Acoustics K371BT Over-Ear Oval Foldable, Professional Closed-Back Foldable Studio Bluetooth Headphone, 5 Hz-40 kHz Frequency


AKG Acoustics K371 Over-Ear Oval Foldable, Closed-Back Studio Headphones


AKG Acoustics K361BT Over-Ear Oval Foldable, Professional Closed-Back Foldable Studio Bluetooth Headphone, 15 Hz-28 kHz Frequency


AKG Professional Audio Headphone K361


AKG Acoustics EK300 16.5′ (5m) Coiled Plug-on Cable for Studio & DJ Headphones with Locking mini-XLR Connector


AKG Acoustics EK300 10′ (3m) Straight-Wire Plug-on Cable for the Studio & DJ Headphones, with Locking mini-XLR Connector