Cyber Acoustics CV0487 ACM-7000 Stereo Headphones for Kids

Kid Size Stereo Headphone K-12 Accs Reduced Volume Level Adjustable Headband.


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ACM-7000 Stereo Headphones for Kids

The ACM-7000 stereo headphone keeps children in mind by providing them with a sleek, comfortable, and sturdy headphone they can call their own. The reduced volume settings give children the audio they expect from a quality headphone without blasting out their eardrums. For kids, the ACM-7000 is the perfect fit.


• Smaller headband size
• Reduced max volume level
• Leatherette ear pads
• Adjustable headband

Stereo Headphone for Kids

The ACM-7000 offers a headphone specifically designed with children in mind, with smaller ear pads, an adjustable headband, and safe volume levels to deliver a sound fit.



Frequency: 20-20KHz
Input: 3.5 mm plug
Headband: Over the head and adjustable
Drivers: 30 mm dynamic drivers
Cable Length: 4 ft.
Device Compatibility: PC’s, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3 players, and most gaming systems

Additional information

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 8.1 × 7 × 3.1 in


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