At Projector SuperStore, we understand that just getting the basic equipment doesn’t complete the project. There are many accessories that are essential to completing your project. We carry mounting brackets for speakers, cases, replacement windscreens, replacement volume knobs, and much, much more! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll find it for you!

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Amplivox S1080 Heavy Duty Tripod Speaker Stand

Strong and durable heavy duty tripod allows to put sound system or speakers. Great for the travel audio pro system and companion speakers. Heavy duty tripod adjusts from 44 to 84-inch high. Fits standard size tripod mounts.

Amplivox S1095 Wall Mount Speaker Brackets, Set of 2

Pair Wall Mount Speaker Bracket providing almost 180 degree pivot action.

Amplivox S1300 Theft-Deterrent Mounting Bracket

Bracket attaches to lectern with 4 screws. S805A or SW805A amplifier slides into bracket, one screw holds amp in place.

Amplivox S1320 Clock Timer with Large Electronic Display

Countdown timer and clock counts down to 00, sounds an alarm, and then counts up.

Amplivox S1321 Clip-On Clock Timer with Electronic Display

Digital clip-on clock timer allows to time presentations perfectly.

Amplivox S1360 Universal Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Streams music wirelessly from computer, smartphone, laptop to any bluetooth device.

Amplivox S1460 AC Power Supply and Battery Charger for S805A and SW805A

Automatically senses and adjusts for AC 110 to 240 volts 50 or 60Hz. This unit powers the amplifier directly or recharges the optional S1465 NiCad Battery Pack when installed in the amplifier.

Amplivox S1462 12V DC Adapter for Cigarette Lighter

DC adapter for cigarette lighter, includes two cables for connecting 50 watt multimedia amp equipped sound system to vehicles 12 volt DC (chassis negative) power. One plugs into cigarette lighter the other clips directly to the battery.

Amplivox S1465 NiCad Battery Pack for S805A and SW805A Amplifiers

Heavy duty rechargeable battery pack for S805A/SW805A amps requires S1460 AC adapter/recharger. Replaces the 10-cell battery holder and provides up to 20 hours talk time between recharges. Requires the S1460 AC adapter/recharger.

Amplivox S1920 Tripod and Mic Stand Traveling Bag

Tripod case rugged reinforced nylon. Holds up to two S1080 tripods. For transporting full-size tripods, this rugged padded nylon bag provides ample room for two S1080 tripods, six S1073 mic stands or various other hardware.

Amplivox S1940 Half-Mile Hailer Case

Rugged reinforced nylon bag with hardboard bottom and nylon zipper top, easy-carry web handles. Designed to accommodate our half mile hailer but its size and shape make it useful for protecting and transporting a wide variety of items.

AmpliVox S1950 Soft Carrying Case for S1090 Compact Tripod

The S1950 is a soft carrying case for S1090 compact tripod. Use this tripod case for any S1090 compact tripod to easily move and store.