Hamilton Buhl W901-Multi Multi-Channel Wireless Headphones for 900-Series

Hamilton W901 Multi-channeled headphones get 40 hours of listening time between charges with only an 8 hour charge time.


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Hamilton Buhl W901-Multi Multi-Channel Wireless Headphones for 900-Series

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Product Description

The W901-Multi wireless headphones from Hamilton provide clear wireless audio at a range of up to 300`. Great for use in classrooms and other institutions, the headphones offer four different color-coded frequencies, allowing you to create multiple wireless audio systems in the same environment.

The headphones pair with a W900-Multi wireless transmitter (sold separately). As long as identical frequencies are set on the transmitter and headphones, the transmitter will send wireless audio to an unlimited number of headphones. Multiple transmitters and sets of headphones can be used to create up to four different systems using four different audio sources in the same area without interference.

The headphones use a built-in NiMH battery that offers up to 50 hours of operation from an eight-hour charge. An LED indicator shows when the headphones are fully charged. The headphones have a fully-adjustable headband and thick ear cushions to provide a perfect fit and a high level of comfort.

Switchable between 4 frequencies:?

Blue – 72.500 MHz
Yellow – 72.100 MHz
Green – 72.900 MHz
Orange – 74.700 MHz

Product Features:

Superb sound without cords or wires – no interference from other electronic equipment
Operates on dedicated channels
No external antenna on the headphone
LED charging indicator light lets you know when headphones are fully charged
40 hours of operating time between charges, 8 hour charging time
One (1) year warranty.