Hamilton Electronics Corp.

Hamilton Buhl is a leader in the design and manufacturing of electronics and presentation equipment for education and industry. Since 1933, Hamilton Electronics has grown as an innovator, meeting the challenges of learners and educators during a time of rapidly advancing technology. In addition to the millions of students and teachers who use Hamilton Buhl products every day, more and more businesses, government agencies and individuals are using Hamilton presentation equipment for training and instruction.

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Hamilton Buhl W901-Multi Multi-Channel Wireless Headphones for 900-Series


Hamilton Buhl HA-802 1 Watt, 2-Station Cassette Tape Player/Recorder


Hamilton Buhl SC-7V – Over-Ear Stereo Headphones with Volume Control


Hamilton Kids-HA2 Kids Personal Blue Mono/Stereo Headphones


HamiltonBuhl PA-25W Amp-Up! 25W Portable Wireless Personal PA System


Hamilton Buhl W900-Multi Variable-Frequency Wireless Transmitter


Hamilton 5079 Replacement Ear Cushions & Resealable Bag for MS2L & MS2LV


Hamilton HA-66M Deluxe Headphone with Microphone


Hamilton XKIT-E HygenX Economic Kit


Hamilton XKIT-D HygenX Deluxe Kit


Hamilton STEM-SEL Stem Social / Emotional Kit


Hamilton WNC/HACX205/KIDSHA2 6-Person Listening Center with HACX-205 Media Player, 6 KIDS-HA2 Personal Headphones and Galaxy Jackbox


Hamilton VRQ-IND VR Quest® Virtual Reality Game-Building Platform – Individual Use License Key


Hamilton VRQ-CP30 VR Quest® Virtual Reality Game Building Platform – Class Pack of 30 Licenses


Hamilton PRMT5JB Listening Center with 5 Primo™ Tiger Headphones and Galaxy™ Jackbox


Hamilton PRMP5JB Listening Center with 5 Primo™ Panda Headphones and Galaxy™ Jackbox


Hamilton PRM100T Primo™ Series “Tiger” Stereo Headphones


Hamilton PRM100P Primo™ Series “Panda” Stereo Headphones


Hamilton GMP305SV Galaxy™ Deluxe Listening Center with 5 SC-7V Headphones, MPC-3030 Boombox and Galaxy™ Jackbox


Hamilton GMP305HA2 Galaxy™ Deluxe Listening Center with 5 HA2 Headphones, MPC-3030 Media Player and Galaxy Jackbox


Hamilton GJB5HA2 Galaxy™ Econo-Line of Sack-O-Phones with 5 Personal-Sized HA2 Headphones, Starfish Jackbox and Carry Bag


HamiltonBuhl 5-Position Portable Starfish Jackbox


Hamilton Buhl Flex-Phones Headset


HamiltonBuhl Deluxe Headset – USB with Boom Goose Neck Microphone, Padded Headband Leatherette Ear Cushions