Optoma ZU500USTe High Brightness 5000 lumens WUXGA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector


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The ZU500USTe employs Optoma DURACORE Laser technology and has a unique short-throw lens design that offers a highly bright 5000-lumen projector WUXGA picture for the entry-level ProAV industry. Perfect for providing very brilliant, vibrant, and accurate colours, as well as high contrast, detailed images. The ViewSonic projector comes with interactive modules, a wall mount kit, and digital whiteboard software, making it a complete option for school projection. It is the best all-in-one interactive projection solution for schools, and it’s the ideal way to make the class more entertaining than ever before.

Its 20,000-hour lamp-less laser light source is housed in an IP5X airtight optical engine that provides long-term durability and little maintenance, resulting in a low total cost of ownership. This projector is designed to be incredibly adaptable in any installation situation, with 360-degree mounting choices, portrait mode projection, and 24-hour operation. It is the perfect option for any professional installation solution, thanks to its lightweight and small form factor.


Optoma’s revolutionary DuraCore technology, which incorporates superior laser diode cooling processes and a novel dust-resistant architecture, achieves an industry-leading lifespan. Twenty thousand hours equates to 10 years of everyday use* or 2.28 years if run continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Surprisingly, even after 5,000 hours, the brightness of this projector has remained practically unchanged, which we believe is unusual in the projector business for this type of projector.

Dust-resistant optical engine

The Airtight Optical Engine from Optoma is used in this projector, IP5X certified. The dust-proof shell prevents dust from entering the system, ensuring a long-lasting, dependable, and maintenance-free experience.


The total cost of ownership

The entire cost of ownership of a projector for demanding applications is not in the purchase price but costly maintenance and servicing. ProScene projectors are low-maintenance, with no user-serviceable components and no filters that need to be replaced regularly. Consequently, low-cost, predictable service cycles are achieved, allowing projected downtime to be reduced.
Precision Short Throw Projector with H+V lens shift

The advantages of the one-of-a-kind short throw Projector items include:
– Projection of large images in constrained areas
– The ability to adjust the lens allows for additional installation flexibility.
– Offers a cost-effective choice for projects on a tight budget.

Industry-leading colour performance

This Laser Projector has a broad colour gamut and is designed to provide the most extraordinary colour performance in any application or environment. Thanks to our superior colour technology, settings, and features, users may experience long-lasting, dependable, and exact colours – from colourful, punchy presentations to realistic pictures.

360° and portrait projection

Images may be projected in a complete 360° vertical range, including replication on the ceiling or floor. This Laser Projector may also be set to portrait mode for applications such as digital signs or tall thin projection areas.


Adjusting the Corners

It removes any crooked or distorted pictures in off-angle or limited space installations by carefully correcting each corner of the screen for that perfect picture.


Installation is a breeze with uncompressed Full HD video, audio, network, and control instructions all transmitted on a single CAT-type cable capable of reaching 100 meters/328 feet without signal loss. HDBaseT minimizes installation complexity and streamlines wiring needs, saving time and money.

AV Mute

This Laser Projector can generate a complete blackout that works like a mechanical shutter when only extreme darkness is needed. The transition from average projection to complete night and vice versa are seamless.

Quick start-up and shutdown

This projector has a short start-up and shutdown time and quickly achieves maximum brightness. It also has a ‘pause projection’ option that allows the light source to be turned off to save electricity. Unlike traditional lamp-based projectors, the laser-light source needs very little cooling time.

Click Here To Order Online Optoma ZU500USTe High Brightness 5000 lumens WUXGA Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector