Presentation remotes are designed to interact wirelessly with a computer or other piece of audiovisual equipment, giving a presenter the freedom to control the slideshow, without having to stand behind a lectern.

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Optoma Technology Bluetooth Remote and Air Mouse for CinemaX P1 and P2 Projectors


BenQ 5J.JGY06.001 Remote Control for TH671ST Projector


Mitsubishi Remote for XD600U, WD620U, FD630U, XD250U, XD280U, XD250U-ST


BenQ 5J.JKL06.001 IR Remote Control for GV1 Projector


BenQ 5J.J5X06.001 Remote Control for MX716 Projector


Optoma Technology BR-ML50N Replacement Remote Control for ML500 Projector


Optoma Technology Remote Control with Laser Pointer for EH416 Projector


Optoma Technology Remote for ZU720T and ZU720TST Projectors


BenQ Remote Control for the X1300i Projector


BenQ 5J.JND06.001 Remote Control for the BenQ MW560 Projector


BenQ 5J.JKC06.001 IR Remote Control for W2700, HT3550, TK850 Projectors


BenQ 5J.JAC06.001 Replacement Remote Control


Crestron GLS-REMOTE-ODT/OIR IR Remote for Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensors


Mitsubishi XL5950REM Projector Remote Control for XL5950LU and XL5950U


Mitsubishi XD460REM Projector Remote Control for XD460U and XD490U


Panasonic LRUREMOTE Remote Controller for LRU20 Series LCD TVs


Ashly Wall Remote, Single Rotary Potentiometer, (Decora Style)


Ashly RPS-18 – Inline Power Booster for Serial Remote System


Ashly FR-8 Remote Level Control


Ashly WR-2 – Wall-Mount 4-Position Preset Recall Remote for 24.24M


Ashly WR-1.5 Remote Control


Ashly WR-1 – Dual Level Wall-Mount Remote Volume Control for 24.24M


Ashly RW-8C – 8-Channel Wall-Mount Remote Control for VCM-88C


Ashly FR-16 Remote Level Control