AMK PSA615-SM-RVC Single Powered Speaker With Remote Volume Control

Single Powered Speaker With Remote Volume Control


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The AMK PSA615 powered speakers feature a 30 watt Class D digital design amplifier, with > 75% efficiency for the main speaker. These units are available as single master speakers or sets with an unpowered companion speaker (PSA615-P). The speaker combines high performance, power handling, and a very smooth response.

The loudspeaker driver, CX602, is one of the few transducers in the commercial sound industry that produces and meets the standards of recording studio. Excellent dispersion, wide bandwidth, and a smooth frequency response make this the top choice for today’s overhead commercial applications.

There are wide ranges of the application for this unit, especially in educational markets and corporate boardrooms where direct input of the signal from the processor is desired (i.e., projectors, laptops, or any line level device).

All metal construction, including baffle
High performance 6.5″ coaxial loudspeaker with wide dispersion
Self powered with 20 watt Class D amplifier
UL Listed (UL 1480, UL 2043) PK-213-6 Enclosure

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Weight 10 lbs
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