Murideo MU-SIX-PAIR SIX-G Generator and SIX-A Analyzer Testing Kit

Murideo-SIX-PAIR = SIX-G Generator and SIX-A Analyzer Bundle in Case


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The SIX-G and SIX-A Field Test Suite: A 4K UHD & HDR Generator and Analyzer by Murideo

​Pair the SIX-G Generator and SIX-A Analyzer for an unrivaled testing and troubleshooting suite. HDMI testing, troubleshooting and calibration all in one package, this is the ideal testing unit for all custom and commercial integrators.
End to End System Testing
18Gbps 4K60 (4:4:4), 4K60 (4:2:2) (4:2:0) CC
Full HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG support
EDID Read Functionality & Analysis​

​This 18Gbps Generator and Analyzer Testing Kit was built as the ideal testing unit for all custom and commercial integrators. The Murideo Pair comes with an 18Gbps Generator and 18Gbps Analyzer. These tools allow you to confirm correct bandwidth, HDCP, resolution, timing, HDR metadata and many more options that could cause system hiccups if not treated correctly. You are able to connect these devices directly to your computer to expanding your testing with a free software that comes with your Pair.

​Sure, there are pricey test instruments available with a multitude of features. These devices together account for 99% of the testing those other products can do, and they do it in a point to point testing system allowing you to keep the SIX-G Generator in one room while you walk around the all the displays with the SIX-A Analyzer to find out what your system is doing.

The Murideo Pair is a must have for any HDMI Specialist, Calibrator, AV Product Manufacture, HDMI Cable Manufacture, Custom/Commercial Integrators, Content Masters and more.
Generator Features:
Generate video signals up to 18Gbps with backwards compatibility. This gives you the ability to emulate any active content available
Gives you the ability to generate PC and video signals for testing PC monitors or video displays
Test any display, repeater, or the system’s infrastructure for HDR compatibility at the push of a button
Create a custom resolution for a situation where you might not be using a standard VESA, SD, HD, or UHD resolution (up to 1900×1200)
Test cables before, during, or post installation to ensure bandwidth and functionality
Mimic any available source to ensure compatibility with any sink device. No need to carry a source for testing
Allows you to test a sink, repeater, or the entire system for HDCP compatibility
Test up to 8ch audio to ensure that audio is playing throughout the system. Connect an external source to utilize custom test tones
Easily identify 5v and that HDCP is present, eliminating guesswork
Control the unit from the front panel controls, or for ultimate flexibility connect to a PC or Mac and access more data
Bright, easy to read display and easy to navigate GUI
Portable and lightweight. No need to be tethered to a power outlet
A product bearing the DPL Seal of Approval is guaranteed to meet or exceed DPL’s standards and assures you of a high quality product that will give you years of reliable performance.

Analyzer Features:
View live video signals up to 18Gbps ensuring that sources and repeaters are working throughout the signal chain
View video format information to ensure that a source or repeater device is sending out the correct video signal, up to 18Gbps
Ensure that an HDMI or DVI cable is functional and passing the desired bandwidth. Check 5V, Hot Plug Detect, TMDS, and the DCC channel of the cable
Verify that HDR is present on HDR capable devices, no more guesswork
Read or emulate EDID on any repeater or sink device during system setup or troubleshooting. No more guessing on what the EDID is
Test functionality of CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) on any source, repeater, or sink
Analyze a video signal over time for complex troubleshooting caused by an intermittent video issues
Read the RGB triplet of any pixel on the screen. You can use this information to verify the accuracy of a source such as a Blu-ray player when playing known content
View up to 8 channels of audio in real time to verify that audio is playing on a specific or all channels
Check each channel of audio (up to 8 channels) to verify that audio is making its way to the sink device. The Six A will also display the frequency of the audio signal coming in
Bright, easy to read display and easy to navigate GUI
Analyze color space information to determine if a source or repeater device is sending out the desired color space
Analyze any version of HDCP to ensure compliance of a source or repeater device
Portable and lightweight. No need to be tethered to a power outlet

Video Calibration Specific Features:
Straightforward, easy to use test patterns from the Imaging Science Foundation. These test patterns will help you set proper levels when calibrating or evaluating a display
A plethora of test patterns to help optimize and calibrate any display for picture accuracy. You can also use these test patterns for troubleshooting displays and repeater devices
Use the built in window patterns or you can customize your own for specific applications
Generate any RGB triplet that you’d like. Use this to test the accuracy of a display
The APL patterns allow you to confidently and accurately measure TVs that utilize local dimming, OLED, or plasma technology
Use the Six-G in conjunction with your calibration software package of choice. The Six G will communicate with the software, making the calibration process more efficient, and in some cases automated
If the motion performance of a display is lacking, use these patterns as a reference when adjusting the display’s motion settings
This ANSI approved test pattern allows you to accurately measure the contrast ratio of a display or video system
The HDMI output of the Six G was designed to be perfect from a physical and protocol standpoint. Whether you are using it to troubleshoot a system, test a product, or evaluate a display you can trust it

NEW: Custom Pattern Uploader & Library Now Available!
The SIX-G just got more powerful! Now you can upload any image/pattern you want in 1920×1080 format. The uploader will store the pattern in one of the 10 available “slots” for recall later. It will even upload the thumbnail to the LCD screen. It supports .jpeg, .png, .bin and .bmp. We are proud to bring you this enhancement based on your feedback.

Along with it comes a complete Pattern Library with patterns from various sources including the ISF in various resolutions. You can access them all for free and use them as you wish. Note, even though the library has many resolutions including UHD and 4K patterns, the Pattern Uploader only supports 1920×1080 at this time.

Signal Analysis Screen gives you one click analysis of:
Frame Rate
Color Space
HDCP Version Detected
TMDS Bandwidth
HDR Metadata Received
Audio Sampling Frequency
Audio Sampling Size
Active Audio Channels
Audio Coding Type

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 6 in
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