Chief LVS1U-G ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System, TAA Compliant

Chief’s ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System solves common video wall challenges of speed, alignment, serviceability and rigidity. The ConnexSys Video Wall Mounting System provides the ability to level each row once by using strut channel to connect multiple mounts together with a simple-to-install system that can handle the largest requirements.The LVS1U ConnexSys Video Wall system landscape mount ships with rails for each mount.Read the complete story of ConnexSys here.Shipping in August


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  • Hang units on a single strut channel for quick row leveling
    • No need for horizontal spacers
    • Vertical measurement is simply the height of the display to the next rail
    • Compatible with most 1-5/8″ sizes of channel strut
  • Reduces installation time – especially for XL and recessed configurations
  • Tool-free ClickConnect latching secures displays
  • PowerZone provides 6 points of adjustment in one easy-to-access location at the top of the mount


  • PowerZone Adjustments
    • Height adjustment ±1″ on each interface
    • Tilt adjustment at single pivot point, protects displays from twisting
    • Depth can be set between 4″ and 7.4″ from the wall, providing a range of “home positions” ideal for recessed installations
      • Both sides adjust independently, compensating for imperfections in the wall
      • Walls can be out of alignment by up to 2″ (horizontally)
    • 3 levels of lateral adjustment
      1. Mount left/right along rail
      2. Interface left/right along mount
      3. Lock in lateral guide for fine-tune adjustment using turn knobs, protecting screens from potential collisions


  • RapidDraw Display Release
    • Cord release system gently and remotely pops any screen out for easy access and can be extended 13.4″ for service
    • Protects displays by not requiring an aggressive push to release/pop-out
    • Releases only on demand, preventing accidental pop-outs
    • The 10′ (304.8 cm) cord can be set up to pull for release from any 90 degree angle
  • Kickstand provides 20 degrees of bottom tilt access


  • Rigid frame keeps displays where you set them, even after extending for service
  • Adjustable home depth position locks screens in place to maintain alignment despite accidental bumps/pushes


  • Security – pad lock ¼” shank diameter
  • Safety tested
  • Universal interface
  • Each mount comes out of the box with adjustments set in the exact same position

Additional information

Weight 44 lbs


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