Chief MFMUS Medium Confidence Monitor Cart 3′ to 4′

A lightweight mobile cart with a collapsible design that is perfect for interactive touchscreens and confidence monitors. Offers 3-4′ of height adjustment


Chief MFMUS Medium Confidence Monitor Cart 3′ to 4′

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Product Description


  • Centris Technology provides effortless, fingertip tilt
  • Screen angle stays set in place until you decide to re-adjust
  • Provides telescoping height adjustment without tools
  • ClickConnect Technology provides an audible click to confirm that the flat panel is locked in place
  • Offers quick connect/disconnect with no tools necessary
  • Includes integrated security with the addition of a padlock
  • Screen can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation ( MAC400 accessory can be used to rotate without removing the screen)
  • Integrated cable management with flexible covers to hide cables out of sight for a fast, clean installation
  • Lockable rear wheels provide added stability
  • Compact, angled base makes corner positioning easy