Maxhub P22MB Podium

MAXHUB Smart Podium, Original ver. V1.0 with 21.5″ Touch Screen, Speakers, Stand


Maxhub P22MB Podium

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Product Description

The MAXHUB Podium lectern is an all-inclusive 21,5” interactive display with full collaboration and annotation capabilities. This powerful solution includes a computer with wireless connectivity and a built-in microphone which can be transmitted to a large display. The presenter collaborates interactively while still facing the audience.

Quick Facts
A mobile podium with a modern design
Electrically adjustable height
Completely mobile – on wheels (built-in battery & wireless connectivity)
21,5” capacitive interactive touch screen
Built-in PC with Windows
Pre-installed white boarding & collaboration software (subscription-free)
Integrated lectern microphone
Incorporates wireless sharing
Wireless projection to a compatible large audience facing display