Maxhub UC S05 4K All-in-one USB Video Bar

All In One WFH Terminal. 4K Fixed Lens with Vertical Adj., Speaker, Microphone, Interface to PC or MAC


Maxhub UC S05 4K All-in-one USB Video Bar

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Product Description

Unleash the Power of Collaboration
Superior imagery and pro audio ensure you see every face and hear every word. Easy setup and operation removes every barrier to successful meetings.

Collaborate Effortlessly: Wireless screen-sharing | Parallel Wi-Fi networking
A meeting communication hub, the UC S05 enables you to share ideas, images and data with ease and keeps the meeting flowing.

A Visionary Camera: Auto-framing | 5X digital zoom|120° Viewing angle | 12MP | 3 Camera position presets
Combining precision optics with intelligent functions, the UC S05 camera has been reinvented to provide stunning image quality and auto framing in huddle spaces and large conference rooms alike.

Focuses on the Presenter
Auto-framing with intelligent face detection tracks whoever is speaking and smoothly switches between presenters.

Studio-quality Sound: 6-element Microphone | 8W Speakerphone
The UC S05 captures and reproduces speech with impeccable clarity, even for participants in the far corners of a conference room. Superior voice intelligibility from the 6-element microphone, with noise reduction, echo cancellation and 8-meter voice pickup.

Connect with PC via Single USB Cable
12MP Camera with 5x Digital Zoom
4K @ 30fps Frame Rate
Auto Framing with 120° Viewing Angle
3x Camera Preset Positions
6 Element Microphone Array
8M Pickup Range
Built in 8W Speakerphone
Adaptive Echo Cancellation
Noise Reduction (Blocks unwanted background noise)
1x USB Type-C Connector
1x 3.5mm AUX IN/ OUT