Panasonic Bracket Assembly for PT-MZ670 Series LCD Projector

Mount bracket for the PT-MZ16K, PT-MZ880, PT-RZ120/RZ990/RZ890/RZ790/RZ690/RCQ10/RCQ80 and PT-FRZ60 Series projectors


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This projector mount bracket is used when mounting a Panasonic projector to ceilings.

Width 16.1 in
Depth 12.4 in
Height 2.2 in
Weight 4.85 lbs
AV Furniture
Type Mounting component
Mounting Components Mount bracket
Recommended Use Projector
Adjustments Rotation
Compatibility Information
Designed for Panasonic ET-PKD120H, ET-PKD120S
Panasonic PT-EW540E, EW540EJ, EW540LE, EW540LEJ, EW540LU, EW540U, EW550, EW550E, EW550EJ, EW550LE, EW550LEJ, EW550LU, EW550U, EW640E, EW640EJ, EW640LE, EW640LEJ, EW640LU, EW640U, EW650, EW650E, EW650EJ, EW650EL, EW650LE, EW650LEJ, EW650LU, EW650U, EW730Z, EW730ZEJ, EW730ZL, EW730ZLEJ, EW730ZLU, EW730ZU, EX510E, EX510EJ, EX510EL, EX510LE, EX510LEJ, EX510LU, EX510U, EX520, EX520E, EX520EJ, EX520LE, EX520LEJ, EX520LU, EX520U, EX610E, EX610EJ, EX610EL, EX610LE, EX610LEJ, EX610LU, EX610U, EX620, EX620E, EX620EJ, EX620LE, EX620LEJ, EX620LU, EX620U, EX800Z, EX800ZE, EX800ZEJ, EX800ZELJ, EX800ZL, EX800ZLEJ, EX800ZLU, EX800ZU, EZ57, EZ57EJ, EZ580E, EZ580EJ, EZ580EL, EZ580LE, EZ580LEJ, EZ580LU, EZ580T, EZ580U, EZ590, EZ590E, EZ590EJ, EZ590LE, EZ590LEJ, EZ590LU, EZ590U, EZ770Z, EZ770ZE, EZ770ZEJ, EZ770ZELJ, EZ770ZL, EZ770ZLEJ, EZ770ZLU, EZ770ZU, FW530E, FW530EAJ, FW530EJ, FW530U, FX500U, FZ570E, FZ570EAJ, FZ570EJ, FZ570U, MW530EJ, MW530LEJ, MW530LU, MW530U, MW630EJ, MW630LEJ, MW630LU, MW630U, MZ10KLBEJ, MZ10KLBU, MZ10KLBU7, MZ10KLWEJ, MZ10KLWU, MZ13KLWU, MZ16KLBU7, MZ16KLWU, MZ570EJ, MZ570LEJ, MZ570LU, MZ570U, MZ670EJ, MZ670LEJ, MZ670LU, MZ670U, MZ770, MZ770E, MZ770EJ, MZ770J, MZ770L, MZ770LBE, MZ770LBEJ, MZ770LBU, MZ770LE, MZ770LEJ, MZ770LU, MZ770LU7, MZ770U

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Weight 1 lbs