Yamaha VCB-L1B Bracket For Vertical Mounting Of Two VXL1

Vertical Coupling Bracket for VXL series.


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Vertical Coupling Bracket for VXL series

Compatible Models: VXL1-24/16
Expansion bracket for vertical VXL series loudspeaker coupling

Sleek. Smart. Sound.

VXL series line source loudspeakers offer a unique combination of outstanding sound quality and slim form-factor that is ideal for a variety of environments. VXL line source loudspeakers offer excellent projection as well as uniform volume and sound quality over a wide listening area, making them a great choice for highly reflective rooms, lecture halls, conference rooms, and other facilities that require maximum intelligibility throughout the listening area.

The VXL series includes three models VXL1-8, VXL1-16 and the VXL1-24 each featuring 1.5 inch full range drivers, that can be combined to optimally serve a variety of installations and spaces. The slim 2.1-inch (54mm) wide enclosures feature elegantly curved grille designs that blend beautifully with any décor to deliver superior and uniform speech and music reproduction in a wide variety of applications.

System Example 1: Conference Room

This system has been designed to provide optimum sound for meetings and conferences, making use of the excellent projection provided by the VXL1-16 to ensure ample volume and clarity right to the back of the room. The slim line-array profile adds sophisticated visual appeal to the room’s décor.

System Example 1: Conference Room

System Example 2: Lecture Hall

Vertically coupled line array speakers easily provide full, uniform coverage in a sloping lecture hall where a single speaker would not be sufficient.

System Example 2: Lecture Hall

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