Vaddio Brings Sophisticated Technology Within Everyone’s Reach

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Vaddio PTZ Cameras

Vaddio a renowned and the premier global designer and manufacturer of the Pan, Tilt-Zoom cameras (PTZ). PTZ cameras are the security cameras that capture high-quality video footage often used for surveillance purposes at different angles. The cameras are more versatile than the traditional options, and when using them, you can change the focus of the camera’s lens remotely. The change in focus gives the camera different fields of vision from one location.

While the cameras have similar functionality, they have different design features and accessories that affect their price, as well as what they can do. However, all the cameras allow for remote viewing through a PC or a mobile device sharing the same network as the camera. Most of the PTZ cameras also feature an auto-track facility that follows moving objects in the camera’s field of view. So, the camera captures footages and saves them for later use.

PTZ cameras also have LED infrared design features for night vision use as well as powerful zoom feature which provides crystal images taken as close-ups of from a distance away.

The Vaddio Team offers not only the best PTZ cameras but the best PTZ camera to fit your needs. This also means that the pricing varies to meet your needs.

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Low-Cost Cameras

Their cheapest PTZ camera is the Vaddio 535-2000-217 Thin Profile Wall Mount Bracket for CISCO Precision HD. While retailing at $142.20. This camera has a limited range of features, and its uses are limited thanks to the HD720p resolution. It’s only suitable for use in small spaces requiring 180 degrees monitoring.
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High-Priced cameras

On the other end of the pricing curve, you have the Vaddio 999-7250-000 AutoTrak 2.0 with HD-18 PTZ Camera, a revolutionary and an automated camera tracking system that costs a little under $13,000. Its feature-packed with an 18X optical zoom lens automatic panning and tilting, and AutoTrak POD which triggers the three presets of the camera. The design, cost, and the features make it a suitable camera for large corporate and educational training facilities since one should be certified to buy it.

Low-medium priced cameras

The PTZ cameras for home or small office use range in price from $1,000 to $2,000. These cameras are not only affordable, but they get the work done. They are also relatively lightweight. You’ll also note that these cameras have a 180-degree angle or rotation. The other significant feature of these cameras is the wall mounting on their backs. Examples include the Vaddio 999-2680-000 Sony EVI-D80 SD PTZ Camera and the Vaddio 999-2684-000 WallVIEW D80 PTZ Camera System.

Medium-High Priced cameras.

In between the high-priced and the affordable ones you have the medium-range cameras. Costing anything from $2,000 to $12,000, these cameras have extra features which increase their functionality. Some of these cameras, like the Vaddio 999-6805-000 WallVIEW PRO Z700 PTZ Camera System ($7, 195.50) has a 20X zoom lens and they work best for corporates and large businesses.

Your business could also use the Vaddio 999-6895-000 WallView PRO H900 PTZ Camera System going for $10,125 or the Vaddio 999-6857-000 WallVIEW CCU Z330 PTZ Camera Control System that retails at $5,575.50.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]