Copernicus FTT1112 Tech Tub2 for Large Adapters ‐ holds 10 devices

Tech Tub2 for Large Adapters ‐ holds 10 devices


Copernicus FTT1112 Tech Tub2 for Large Adapters ‐ holds 10 devices

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Product Description

Copernicus’ new solution for USB-C and other bulky adapters including those found on new iPads, some Samsung tablets and some Chromebook models.

Developed with input from members of our Idea Lab educator advisory team, the new Tech Tub2® offers an affordable, flexible and mobile solution for charging and storing devices used in PreK-8 classrooms. The Tech Tub consists of two tubs permanently connected to make a single unit for 10 iPads®, Chromebooks or tablets. They are ideal for schools that share devices, or for 1:1 environments and they can be placed around the classroom to ease deployment bottlenecks.

Have devices returning from home each day? It’s inevitable, devices will return from home uncharged at some point and classrooms without a charging solution will have bottlenecks at the power outlets. Tech Tub is a compact, easy-to-use in-class charging station that helps take away the worry of missing a lesson due to an uncharged battery.

Benefits & Highlights

Two ergonomic handles on the door and back as well as a flip-up handle on the top
Holds all generations of iPads®
Individual tubs (any combination of 6 or 10 device Tech Tub2’s) can be locked together for added security
Easy-access storage tray for device adapters and power strip
Improved Easy-to-use side cable organizer
Adjustable shelves accommodate devices with and without cases
Internal 10 outlet power strip with surge protection
Includes 10 small extension cords to accommodate large USB C 20W adapters
Cable hooks on the back to manage cord during transport
Made from durable high impact ABS plastic
Ventilation holes throughout to prevent heat build-up
Mounting hardware to secure tub to a surface
3-point lock with 2 keys
Dimensions & Specifications

Individual tub: 12.5″W x 16.25″L x 13″H
Stacked tubs: 12.5″W x 16.25″L x 26″H
Handle extends up to 36.75″H