Hamilton S99CM Kid’s Face Masks – FDA Approved 3,000 Pieces

Kid’s Size FDA/ASTM Level-2 Surgical Masks (Master Carton – 3,000 pcs per carton)


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Hamilton S99CM Kid’s Face Masks – FDA Approved 3,000 Pieces

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Children over the age of 2 should wear face masks in public, according to the CDC (Trusted Source) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), especially in situations where physical distancing is difficult.

“One of the most important factors today is to find a mask that fits a child’s face well to help prevent them from fidgeting with it” explains Vivek Cherian, MD, a surgeon and internal medicine physician based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Now, HamiltonBuhl® has the ideal solution for protecting children better – Kid’s Size Disposable Masks. Built for durability, functionality and comfort, these masks provide a better fit, stay on longer, so kids are better protected. Get yours today!

S99C One Box – 50 pcs. per box

S99CM Master Carton – 3,000 pcs. per carton


    • High FIltration Performance and Effectiveness: This FDA/CE-Approved mask provides PFE/BFE/VFE filtration efficiency of over 99%
    • Disposable Antiviral Face Mask for Kids: Stay healthy and safe when at school or outside by wearing a HamiltonBuhl® disposable face mask. These kid-sized masks protect from pollutants and allergens, including for pet allergens
    • Provides three layers of protection
    • Premium Quality: This medical graded mask is very comfortable to wear as it is light, breathable.

It is scientifically proven to efficiently prevent dust and protect from 99.9% of bacteria

  • This medical graded mask is elastic and wide enough to cover nose and mouth and fits most kid’s face shapes

Kid’s Size FDA/ASTM Level 2 Disposable Masks Specifications:

  • FDA Certified ASTM F2100 Level 2
  • Overall size: 6.25″L x 0.8″ Dia.
  • EN14683:2019 Type II
  • BFE≥99% @3.0 Micron
  • PFE≥99% @0.1 Micron