Yamaha SPCVR-1501 Speaker Cover

Fits DXR15MKII, DBR12 and CBR15


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For DXR15 / DBR15 / CBR15 Speakers
Weather Resistant
Dust and Dirt Resistant
Padded Inner Cushion
Polyester Surface w/ PVC Coated Backside
Rear Access Panel with Roof
Inner Pocket for Accessories
Handle Slit for Ease in Transportation

Give your SPCVR-1501 Speaker a modest degree of protection from inclement weather, dirt, and dust with this black Cover from Yamaha. It has a polyester surface, a PVC coated backside, and is designed to protect your DXR15 / DBR15 / CBR15 speaker during outdoor events, while it is in dusty storage environments, or from the rigors of on-the-road wear and tear. Trilaminar fabric made of durable polyester with PVC inner coating guards against scratches and minimizes moderate impact.

Thanks to a “roof” opening for making adjustments on the rear access panel; the cover may be left on during use. Intelligently designed, the front cover folds up and attaches to the top of the speaker, while the acoustically transparent mesh layer provides resistance to water. The case features an inner pocket for storing accessories, and a handle slit for carrying it so you don’t have to remove the cover.

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Weight 3.1746 lbs
Dimensions 25.27559 × 18.50394 × 2.55906 in