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BalanceBox 481A70 Universal Flatscreen/VESA interface (VESA-type interface 200×200 mm to 800×600 mm)


BalanceBox 480A14 Interactive Flatpanel Mount 400 Heavy Including Wall Cover (for use with ST-700 and ST-750U and panels weighing 145 to 209 lbs)


BalanceBox 481A71001 400 Mobile Stand Mix® (for use with BalanceBox® 400 mount or as ‘fixed height’ mobile cart with just vesa interface)


BalanceBox 481A61001 400 Over The Whiteboard Solution (for use with or without BalanceBox® 400 mount: Over the whiteboard floor support)


BalanceBox Mobile Cart for RM5502K, RM6502K, RM7502K, RP6501K, RP7501K & RP8601K


BalanceBox 481A104 e·Box® Conferencing Camera Support Tray Bottom Mounting


BalanceBox 481A105 e-Box® Universal bracket for soundbar mounting


BalanceBox 481A102 e·Box® VESA 700×500/600 & 800×500/600


BalanceBox 481A101 e-Box® Laptop or keyboard support tray (bottom mounting)


BalanceBox 481A50 650 Mobile Stand


BalanceBox 481A13 650 Floor Support (For use with non-supporting wall structures)


BalanceBox 481A19 650 Flatscreen/VESA interface (VESA-type interface: 200x100mm to 800x650mm.)


BalanceBox 484A09 400-180 N/A (for use with panels weighing 207 to 372 pounds)


BalanceBox 484A08 650 Medium For Extra-Large Interactive Flatpanels (for use with ST-700, ST-750U, ST-860U and panels weighing 148 to 280 pounds)


BalanceBox 484A07 650 Light For Extra-Large Interactive Flatpanels (for use with ST-650U and panels weighing 75 to 154 pounds)


BalanceBox 481A47002 Mobile Stand Long Wheel Base


BalanceBox 481A49001 Set of 4 spacers 50 mm for Touchpanels


BalanceBox 481A42 Floorsupport


BalanceBox 481A41 3rd Party Vesa Bracket Interface


BalanceBox 480A12 400-70 N/A (for use with ST-650U and panels weighing 90.2 to 154 pounds)


BalanceBox 480A13 Interactive Flatpanel Mount 400 Light Including Wall Cover (for use with panels weighing 50 to 94 pounds)