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Optoma Interactive Flat Panel at PSSAV

Education has long been confined to books and journals, with technology viewed as a source of distraction. Well, history is changing, and so are the modalities of education. Today, technology has permeated classrooms and is no longer viewed as a source of distraction. It is being used to engage students and help them do better academically.
Optoma projectors and interactive flat panels are a great example of technologically advanced devices that make learning truly enjoyable and interactive.
Let’s explore the benefits of introducing such technological equipment in classrooms.

Higher engagement

Heavy textbooks are not appealing enough to excite children and convince them to study. Books are full of chunky paragraphs and words that children may not understand. Their language is often hard to decode, and children cannot understand the concepts.
Thankfully, you can use Optoma Interactive Flat Display to enhance children’s engagement and teach them concepts that are otherwise hard to learn. The videos displayed on interactive flat panels are super engaging and break down hard-to-understand concepts into captivating visual images.

Easier operation

The Interactive Flat Panel is easier to operate, so sharing knowledge becomes extremely easy. They are not those complex technological devices that give teachers a hard time. Since educators can efficiently use them, students can easily grasp the information.
With a handy device like Optoma Interactive Flat Display, teachers can quickly change slides, share knowledge about a new topic, and even instantly show images to help them understand the concept. Therefore, these technological devices are a must-have for classrooms.

Cater to the needs of all students

Students come from varied backgrounds. And an all-inclusive classroom would be the one that caters to each child and helps them achieve their academic goals.
Surprisingly, teachers can now capitalize on advanced devices like Optoma Interactive Flat Display to make learning interactive and specifically help visual learners. The visual learners are dependent on ‘visual’ ways — diagrams, graphs, or charts — to understand concepts and cannot digest text-heavy learning. A digital classroom with advanced Optoma projectors and displays is ideal for such learners.

Increased interaction

Interactive learning is a great way to ensure students’ participation and gauge if they are grasping what is being taught. It is a two-way education model that also helps teachers make lectures interesting. Utilizing interactive displays is a smart way to promote interactive learning.
Classrooms with interactive flat panels offer an immersive experience and boost engagement opportunities — showing videos and images allow students to get involved in the process. Based on these interactive videos, educators can create activities to summon responses from students. In addition, students can also capitalize on these screens to show their PowerPoint presentations or present their results in certain experiments.

Efficient classroom management

Handling a lot of energetic — often mischievous — students can be difficult for educators. The good news is installing Optoma Interactive Flat Display, or Optoma projectors, is an incredible way to have a calm classroom with focused students. When students are engaged in the immersive videos, they are less likely to cause nuisance and disrupt the classroom’s environment.
Apart from leveraging engaging videos to minimize classroom troubles, teachers can resort to interactive activities. Teachers can capitalize on many more handy tools like noise level meters, timers, and games to drive students’ attention and prevent them from causing a ruckus.

All about Optoma Interactive Flat Display

Optoma Flat Display is an LED-backlit, 4K UHD panel that is ideal for classrooms and commercial spaces. The Interactive Display comes with wide viewing angles and anti-glare glass that produces high-resolution images for a riveting experience. It even supports wireless content sharing and screen mirroring, making it an ideal digital classroom device.
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Optoma Interactive Flat Panel at PSSAV