There’s nothing more unsightly and frustrating than seeing a perfectly arranged desk and home office with a mess of cords and cables sprawled around the floor. Whether it’s a laptop, computer, cell phone or iPod, everything these days seems to need to be plugged in — and there are plenty of cords to show for it. In comes cord and cable management systems to save the day.

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Intelix AVO-CLIP-F Balun Mounting Bracket Kit (For AvoCat and Classic Series)

Intelix AVO-CLIP-F Balun Mounting Clip Allows AvoCat Series and Classic Series Baluns to be Mounted on a 19" Rack Tray, Standard DIN Rail, or any Other Screw-Mountable Surface.

Peerless HD Flow Pro Wireless Multimedia Security Enclosure

Offering new placement possibilities in public spaces, this Security Enclosure is a simple two-piece design that comes together to form a locked compartment to securely store the HD Flow Pro wireless transmitter or receiver.